Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Santa,

This week's Monday Mission at Maypole's place is to write a post in the form of a letter to Santa. I feel duty bound to participate because it was my suggestion and she obliged me. I had an idea I thought might be cute or clever, or at the very least participatory, but I haven't been up to much in the way of writing this weekend. And I'm definitely not feeling funny or clever.

Because I am still freakin sick. I had one stupid tease of a day on Friday where I thought I was recovering, but now, once again, I resemble the woman in the NyQuil commercial. Except that no amount of green liquid leaves me sleeping peacefully at night. I won't go on about my ailments. Everyone I know is battling illness right now. Mine is nothing remarkable. Not even close. And Clara continues to improve, for which I am very grateful. She was one sick little girl.

But Ben is now coughing and feverish and I am just over all of it. A week of me, and my kids, flat on my back is quite enough, thank you.

(It's true, one lousy week and I am toast - Kyla, honey, I don't know how you do it.)

So with no further ado,

Dear Santa,

When you stop by our house on Christmas Eve you don't have a to leave us a single thing. However if you'd be so kind as to take every bit of sickness out of our home and leave us all bright and bushy tailed for the rest of the Christmas break that would be awesome. That's all I want.

However, if you insist on leaving a gift, I wouldn't mind a personal chef. And maybe peace on earth, while you're handing out miracles.

We left you cookies, but I wouldn't eat them if I were you. Awful lot of coughing and sniffling went on during the baking process. So sorry.

Yours truly ,
Chaotic Joy


Beck said...

Oh, US TOO. One by one, we're going down with the flu. So festive.

painted maypole said...

doesn't the baking part of it kill all the germs? ;)

thanks for playing along - and I'm sorry if you felt obligated. you know I would have given you some GRACE for Xmas if you missed the mission.

Kyla said...

Me, too, Santa!!

I've had more sleep and peace and quiet than I know what to do with, I just want my wiggly giggly girl back.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Get well! Have a wonderful holiday - from my Trenches to yours!

Lisa writes... said...

...and a maid! And if it comes down to having to choose between the chef and the maid, I'll take the maid. We'll eat at Zaxby's.

Merry Christmas, friend!

The Kings 3 said...

Oh, Joy. I'm sorry you still feel bad...hopefully Santa will take al the sickness away and leave you with good health. Merry Christmas!

Dysd Housewife said...

Glad to see you are on the upswing. Thats the problem with a house full of kids, it cycles through a month for everyone to get it, and then get over it.