Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Is he really 3???

Well I decided to bypass the Clara-monthly email in lui of a blog in honor of Ben's 3rd Birthday. And what a birthday it was! On his actual birthdate we went to the children's museum in Atlanta: ImagineIt! If you haven't been there, you should go. It's an amazing place for the 5 & under crowd!

Then on Saturday we had a party at Gymboree. I cannot imagine a child having more fun! He's a bit of a wild boy these days, but it was an appropriate place for him to run and play. The smile never left his face.

Overall he's doing great! He talks up a storm and loves to sing loudly off-tune. He still doesn't eat much but we have finally started to make baby steps in that area as well. He actually ate a bite of my PB & J and I could barely keep myself from calling everyone we knew. It's amazing how something so small can feel like such an accomplishment.

He's still obsessed with baseball and he knows he gets to start tee-ball now that he is 3. It was a struggle for us to make him understand he didn't actually get to start playing ON his birthday. He appears to be left handed so Shane is already lining up coaches for his career as a pitcher. :-)

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