Monday, March 17, 2008

This week might possibly be the busiest week of my life. Or at least of the last year. With the exception of Christmas week. And maybe the week before school started. Oh whatever. It's busy. Crazy busy. And very, very stressful. I was going to list all the things I had to do, just so you would all overflow with sympathy for me, but I don't have time. So just take my word on it and send your sympathy in good faith.

On top of the 1,432 things I have to accomplish this week, Clara has her infamous neurology appointment on Wednesday. Because now she is 20 months and still not walking. And it is time to find out if there is a reason why. And on Friday I have my D & C Hysteroscopy thing. Which I am not worried about at all. But might make it hard to accomplish anything on that day. Anesthesia and all.

So basically I am saying that I won't be here at the blog much. Or probably at your place either. But I still love you. And I will see next week. And don't forget:
He has Risen, just as He said.
Matthew 28:6
So Have a happy Easter.


Lori said...

Oh, Joy... what a week to find yourself so terribly busy! I'll be praying for you and your family (especially little Clara) during this Holy Week.

Spice Girl said... it something in the air? Because I find myself in the same shoes...running, running, running...all week long.

Hoping all goes well for you this week!

slouching mom said...

i hope and expect that clara's appointment will show nothing but her stubbornness. ;)

and you, you take care of yourself after that hysteroscopy, 'kay?

thinking about you.

Christine said...

take care, lady--good luck with all the appointments,; i'll be thinking of you.


and i just saw the post about the mailbox--wow!

Running on empty

spaz said...

You inspire me. That you can stop in the midst of the chaos to remember what Jesus did for us and the glory of it all.... You amaze me! Through all of the earthly distractions, you remain focused on the one true God. You are a shining example what I strive to achieve.... Joy and Peace amidst all the chaos life has to offer. Thank you!

Chrissy said...

I hope your appointments go well this week, and I hope you are able to stop and enjoy Easter despite all of the busyness.

Amy Wyatt said...

I'll be praying for you at both appts. this week. We have a busy week too... and we are recovering from several seizures this weekend... hence the reason I wasn't at choir Sunday afternoon. Thanks for setting the example to remember what's most important and what to stay focused on this week.