Saturday, October 11, 2008

Four Exciting Events in our Day-

A Game Ball-
Our little Rookie Pirate was awarded the game ball at his T-ball game today. This sounds a bit more significant than it actually is. Every player is awarded a game ball at some point in the season. The coach tries to pick a week when they have done particularly well but next week is our last game. You can read between the lines here: Our Ben makes up in enthusiasm for what he lacks in focus and talent.

Unfortunately this mama wasn't even there to see him receive it. I had to miss the game this morning to accompany Allie to an audition. Ben was so excited he couldn't wait to tell me about his award. It almost made me rethink all my rants on going back to merit based awards. Merit-shmerit...that was one happy four year old. He even told me he made "five big hits!" I didn't have the heart to mention that each player only bats two times.

I'm sorry to say that due to my absence there was no photo to commemorate the occasion. I'm planning on staging one at the next game though. I'll post the fake game-ball-shot next week.

An Audition-
Allison auditioned for All State Chorus this morning. This is the first year she was eligible to audition. She had to sing a solo, scales and then the judges gave her some tonal memory to repeat and some music she had to site-read. She is competing with students all over Georgia for a place in the state choir in Savannah. The whole thing is a pretty nerve wracking experience but she was completely composed. Unlike her mama. We don't know if she made it through this first audition yet, but I have never seen her work so hard to prepare for something. She's been drilling herself on site-reading for a month. Regardless of the outcome, I am exceptionally proud of my hard-working girl.

Last Minute Shopping-
After Allie's audition we ran to the mall to try to find her a dress for her voice-recital this afternoon. As of today she has officially outgrown the children's department.

I would like to pause at this time for a moment of silence.

I think there is now a trail of tears in Dillards leading from the Children's to the Junior's department. It's a sad, sad day. Do you know how much more money junior's clothes cost?

A Recital-
Lastly, Allie had her fall recital today where she performed her All-State audition piece. Not surprisingly, she did a lovely job. Here's a few photos I took of her there in her new size 3 dress. At least I won't have to stage these pictures. It would be hard to fake the amazing piano in the background. I think I managed to wipe all my drool off of it before we left.

Oh, and Allie has been in this "I don't want like to show my teeth when I smile" phase for a little while now. And by a little while I mean like two years. So that's why she always looks like she is channeling Mona Lisa.


Kyla said...

Wow! That is a lot of excitement!!

I love, love, love that photo of you and Allie.

flutter said...

you two are beautiful!

Darlene said...

Congrats for the game ball! Wow...I think it is great that Allie is auditioning for the choir. I know you are sad about the department also means she is growing up..I remember the change also...but it seems just yesterday...Andrea is 18 and is in her freshman year at University of Alabama. Where did the time go????
Great pictures...
Have a fabulous weekend!

Chrissy said...

I left a trail of tears just going from Infants to Girls, I can't imagine holding it together for the Junior Dept.

what a proud, busy day!

Lynn Stallworth said...

YAY Ben! I believe Allie will have no problem with All-State. I love the picture of you two. That piano at PianoWorks is incredible. I was afraid to breathe on it.

kramsell said...

Great pictures! I love Allie's dress, very vintage-chic:) Off the subject a bit, I saw very cute tinker-bellish wings at Party City last weekend. It was the one at Mall of GA. The girls can't wait to see you guys on Halloween.

Lori said...

Way to go Ben!! Five big hits with only two at bats! That's something!! :)

I don't know how you can stand sitting through an audition like that. I would be positively sick with nerves! I'm sure she was amazing though.

Anonymous said...

My son has auditioned for All-State in Alabama for three years running. He made it the first, didn't the second, and we are awaiting results for this year. It is stressful(moreso for moms, I think)but so worth it when they make it. It is a great experience they carry with them throughout their lifetime. I went two years when I was in school. I wish her the best and hope she makes it. It is a very tough competition and if she makes it, she should be very proud! Bravo for Allie!!

Laura-aunt of Paige Biagi

Sister K said...

congrats all around to your gang!!! go pirates! i used to audition tons in my violin years...i always admired those who weren't straight balls of nerves! i'd love to see allie sing...sending "i made it vibes"..even if not, she get's an A+ for courage to try:)

Lisa writes... said...

You and your girl--GORGEOUS!

And while I have no idea of the relative costs between the girls' and the junior departments, I do in fact know how much more men's shoes cost than boys'--like DOUBLE! How is that?

Beck said...

You two are so pretty!

kandy gibson said...

Congratulations Ben! Way to go. Congratulations to Allie for auditioning. No doubt her chances are high with a talented mother supporting her. She is so brave to go through that experience. Your photos are precious, so beautiful. Best wishes to you Allie!

Laurel Wreath said...

Congrats Ben. Beautiful pictures of your daughter.