Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

I would like to make it clear that my life is really not as gloomy and problematic as it may appear on this blog. I actually have a very good life and am even, regularly, quite happy. It's just that melancholy, guilt and frustration are much better muses for writing than say, happiness. Or, gag, contentedness. Nothing stifles my words quite like being content.

That being said, this past week has been rough. Rough and expensive. Or maybe rough because it was expensive.

Our septic system, which had been finicky for quite some time, backed up and knocked us all flat on our back with the smell of sewage. I think the neighbors were pleased as well. We called someone to check it out. $1650 and some attractive new landscaping later, and the problem was solved. Hurrah. I will say that Ben was so beside himself with glee at an actual backhoe digging up our backyard that he jumped up and down on our deck shouting "I love construction workers!" repeatedly. Really, how often do septic repairman have real live screaming fans? You'd have thought we could have at least received the cute kid discount.

Our van, which had been finicky for quite some time, also decided to turn things up a notch by occasionally failing to break when you pressed the pedal. Oh, they kicked in eventually but not before you found yourself thanking God that you never did stick to that diet since you were now going to die at the age of 33.

So, after picking my heart up off the pavement one too many times, we brought the van into the shop. Two weeks, 3 different mechanics and $3000 later and they called us to tell us we can pick it up tomorrow. Oh and two weeks with one vehicle that won't even hold our entire family has added a little something special to our hectic schedule. Something like insanity.

And then finally, today, we received a letter from our Home Owner's Association letting us know that we are in violation of our covenants and they expect us to repair and fix our fence. Really, I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe it's this hole in the fence where the dog is always escaping.

Nah. I think the classy and cleverly placed piece of wood concealed that.

Maybe it was because when they drove by the other day it looked like this:

Ah yes, it's true. We are those neighbors.

Warning: If you ever have a week like this and someone, say a customer service representative from Costume Express, calls you to tell you the pirate costume you ordered a week ago is actually sold out, you should probably just hang up on them immediately. If you don't you may find yourself yelling at the poor foreign girl and then bursting into tears and apologizing. You know, hypothetically.

Warning 2: If you ever have a week like this and you happen to have two bags of M&Ms in your pantry that you bought to send into your kids will need to buy them again.


Stacie said...

Oh Joy, it has been quite a week for you! For the record, I am a firm believer in Cute Kid discounts. I am still waiting for the rest of the world to catch onto this concept, unfortunately.

And as for the HOA, I gotta say...that's why I LOVE my old old neighborhood. I do not have to deal with letters like that. And I'm pretty sure my back fence looked way worse than that with kennel fencing, logs, broken pieces of plywood, etc patching the gaps and BOTH my dogs still escaping anyways. Come to think of it, now that the back fence is replaced, I just have the new fence with the dog going UNDER it. Urgh. Determined mutts!

If bad things come in threes, I surely hope you are done and through with yours!

Kathryn said...

Yes! I agree with Stacie. Bad things come in threes, so you are DONE!
I'm so sorry your week has been so crappy. Keeping my fingers crossed that it ends on a positive note. :)

karen said...

ARGH. Sounds like you will be very glad for this week to end! I feel worst for you about the pirate costume. Money is just money, you know? but disappointing your kid is hard on you, body and soul!

Chrissy said...

Girl, I don't know if two bags of M&M's are enough chocolate for a week like that. I surely hope the worst has passed.

Maybe Ben would like to be a Septic Tank Service Man instead? Just smear some brown stuff all over his clothes?

Also, the picture of the kids scaling the downed fence absolutely cracked me up.

I hope things get easier for you.

Wendy said...

Sorry you've had a bad week! It can only get better, right? I've never lived anywhere with an HOA... we don't even have zoning laws here which means that we can do whatever we like with our property. The downside is that so can the neighbors. lol.

BTW, I hear you on the finicky van thing... John offered to sell ours to my parents when they were up here. They didn't go for it...

Kyla said...

OH MY! I'm so sorry, Joy.

We had a week like that a few months ago...found out I didn't have aid for college this semester AND our car broke and needed roughly the same amount of work as yours did. It was so stressful and awful. We had to get a loan and all. UGH. But God provided, we've already been able to pay off the loan. That sure didn't help us in the moment, though, we were so overwhelmed. Except, well, our fence is still totally down from Ike and it makes me glad we have no HOA in our 'hood. LOL.

I'm prescribing you a refill of chocolate and adding some wine. ;)

painted maypole said...

well, it's true that misfortune makes good blog fodder. And good blues songs.


Karen said...

m&ms, good choice.
well, hopefully you will get a respite - and a new fence? sigh.

Lisa writes... said...

I chuckled at Warning 2. Been there. Done that.

Cori@SAHMbles said...

OMG! We are living a double life! Seriously. I just wrote a post yesterday on my own insanity and I picked up the dog today from the surgeon, laid my credit card down and charged the $2,600 bill to my visa, it's the second leg though so I think we're good for awhile. Yeesh girl I feel your pain and you could live right next door to me, no problem.

Lynn Stallworth said...

Sorry about your horrible week. Homeowners associations really need to let people put in chain link fences. Our last neighborhood didn't allow them, but this one does. I think our black one looks nice, cheaper to install, and ZERO maintainence. Wood fences rot, fall down, etc. They're just a pain. I do like how it looks like Ben is trying to make a ramp out of the fallen part-lol! If it makes you feel better, I'm still sick, Blake has croup (it's pretty bad this time and I'm praying we don't have to make a late night ER run), and I have to take Taylor to the sports medicine dr. next week to look at her messed up knee-a month before her big show. Yippeee!

Beck said...

Wanna hear about the week our furnace, fridge and washing machine died in tandem? It was expensive.
But hey, things are going to be BETTER now that your evil three are done!