Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gratitude - Day 5

Over the last couple weeks months years our lives have become this crazy dance of divide and conquer.  You take this kid here, I'll take this one here, and if we're lucky we can meet up for dinner. Weekends as a time of rest and reconnection have pretty much gone by the wayside. And as much as I know that this is just part of this season in our life, I hate it. Hate it. So today I am exceedingly grateful for the gift of a Saturday with absolutely nothing on our calendar. I was positively giddy going to bed last night, just anticipating it.

And what did I do with my free day?  Slept in late. Did a half-a-dozen loads of laundry. Took Clara to get a haircut from my sweet sister-in-law. Started a new book (passed on from said sister-in-law.) Went to dinner with the family. Played a board game. Just proving that even the simplest things really are gifts.

And the second thing I am grateful today is, ironically, this blog. As I mentioned yesterday, I have spent some time this week wandering through it's dusty achives, and goodness gracious did I ever ramble on? But in those lengthy ramblings I  discovered a treasure trove of things I had completely forgotten. Funny things The Littles said and did. Videos of first steps. Pictures with anecdotes I never would have remembered. Last night, The Man and I were up til 1AM reading and watching and laughing and getting teary. It's amazing how hard it is to hold on to memories from just a few years ago.

I don't know if I'll continue blogging after this month.  I'd love to--although not daily--but the privacy thing is still an issue, and I simply can't manage to figure out how to get sleep and blog at the same time. But I am thankful that at least for a couple of years I took the time to document it all. The messy, the funny and the sweet.

Especially the sweet.


Lady Epiphany said...

It's hard. I realize that whenever I dedicate 30 days to anything, there are other things - also important things - that seem to slip.

I too love reading my own dusty archives, remembering what was, seeing what is. As much as I really want to someday have a scrapbook of these memories, the blog offers a window in to some great (and angsty!) happenings.

Kyla said...

I think that us a big reason that I just can't quit blogging, whether people read or not. I want to, stories, feelings...and it all slips away so quickly.

chrissy said...

I feel the same way- too busy to keep up with it, but sad because I know my memory is so terrible that i will forget so many things that I want to remember.