Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zaftig (AKA the draft that should have been left to die)

I was sitting, this evening, perusing various posts that I have started and never finished. I was sulking actually, at how my job tending my offspring has provided me with no time to write anything but the flightiest fluff. Do you know how many truly auspicious beginnings to meaty posts have fallen by the wayside? Brilliance, people, that is what you have been deprived of. In fact, if I didn't have four children occupying my every breath and braincell I am certain I would be a wildly popular blogger with wit and profundity oozing from every post.


Anyhoo, while I was surfing through the discarded fragments of my writing dreams I came across a draft entitled "Zaftig." Curious, I opened it and found only a link to a column by Julie Berry. I must have thought this would springboard to a post at some point. I have no idea what I was originally planning to say, but, mercy is zaftig some kind of a wonderful word! And Julie's old column, was a delightful (even the second time around) read for a word nerd like me.

And I must say that while I stand firmly by my vow to never adorn my prodigious backside with letters, if I was going to do so, Zaftig is, without a doubt, the word I would choose. For what better word than one that proclaims my backside as not just prominent, but pleasingly plump and succulent. Those size two "Juicy" bottom girls would have nothing on my bad self. (I just typed "juicy bottom" in my post. That should bring some interesting hits.)

Because obviously there's just nothing hotter than labeling your bum as a tasty treat.


So, fellow vocabulovers, what is your favorite obscure word? Or just your favorite word in general? Mine is "Serendipity." It's just so happy and it's even fun to say. What, you don't have a favorite word? I am so much nerdier than you. Nerdier and Zaftig-ier, I'll bet.

I think that means I win.


slouching mom said...

effervescent and crunchy and willowy and treacle and verbena and misanthrope.

oh, just one? ;)

Sister K said...

i like "ity" words too! one of my favs is simplicity, something i'm trying to live more of :)

Kathryn said...

I love the word Serendipity too! I love the 'ipity at the end. And I love the meaning.

I like tomfoolery too. It is just fun to say. hehe

karen said...

quidnunc (great for Scrabble)

Julie Berry said...

at the moment, my favorite word is sleep. Lacking that, luscious has always pleased me. "Lushus." Thanks for referencing "Zaftig!"

Gotta GROW with it said...

oh my "word"! i need a dictionary from most of the words left on comments.

this is a great question...i shall ponder on it all day long. :o)

spaz said...


Cheryl Ann said...


Go here to read why ;)

Kyla said...

There are several words I like to say just because of the way it makes my mouth feel...but I can't remember a SINGLE one at the moment.

painted maypole said...

i have always been partial to onomatopoeia

the dragonfly said...

My favorite word is melancholy...because it sounds so beautiful but is in actuality so sad.

flutter said...

Oh yeah? Well perspicacity.

Christine said...

favorite word: milk

favorite weird word: xanthous

Trenches of Mommyhood said...


That's my word. I say it all the time. And now, so do my boyz. It's kinda funny to hear a 2 year old preface a sentence with "Actually".

Magpie said...

to answer your question: absquatulate.

but you've wrongly titled your post - it most definitely should not have been left to die, and i am delighted to have read it.

yiddish is good for lots of useful words: ongepotchket, meshugana, fershtinkiner, schtup, tchochke.

Elle said...

Serendipity and serendipitous::
Kiebash and chutzpah::
Mellifluous and vivacious::

What a fun post!