Thursday, April 10, 2008

199 and counting - with update

I am taking a blogging break for a week because I have company coming in town this weekend, and my house looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a month. Which could be because it hasn't been cleaned in a month. So the kids and I will be spending the rest of their spring break spring cleaning. I haven't told them yet. I'm looking forward to it. I live for the pouting and whining.

And when I come back it will be my 200th post. And I am going to celebrate it with my first every Joy-in-Chaos giveaway. Don't get too excited. I'm pretty broke and I am not sure what it will be yet. I am hoping for something that will make you think of me. Maybe one of the children.

And now, just in case you were thinking you couldn't possibly live without pictures of my children for an entire week, I will bestow upon you these photos of my beautiful daughter, Allie, and our comically ugly humane society mutt, Beamer. Who really is sweet, and very loved, even if she is cross eyed and looks like she was made out of spare parts.

Isn't she beautiful? (the girl not the dog).

See you in a week.

Note: I would like to say a very special thank-you to the spammers who have finally found my blog. Who tease my heart into doing a little hiccup when I see 3 new comments in my inbox - because I am needy like that - just to find "Click here" or "I love your blog. Read mine" or even better something in another language with links that lead me to download spam protection. I would find this ironic if it wasn't so irritating since if worked you would all be out of business. And thank you even more, for forcing me to now put stupid, stupid, stupid, word verification on my comments to keep you from leading my few faithful commentors astray as well.

To those who do comment, I apologize that you now have to type in a weird series of numbers and letters that you will inevitably get wrong the first time thus causing your blood pressure to rise a for a minute. Or maybe that's just me. I have put it off as long as I can, but it is a sad state when your spam comments on a post outnumber your legitimate ones.


Laurel Wreath said...

Well as much as you DO have beautiful children, I don't think I will enter that giveaway...have enough mess makers at my home thankyouverymuch =)))

Enjoy your break, a clean house is always so nice. Unfortunately it only lasts until one kids goes outside and then comes back in.

Maybe try locking the door for 10 mins to enjoy it, hehehe =)

Sister K said...

will you send your cleaning gang to my house?! great pix...allie is such a pretty girl. it's fun to watch your kids grow even though i haven't met u in person! aw, beamer is a cute thing too!!!! pets r the best!

Don and Lynn said...

Allison is so beautiful. So that's how you get rid of those pesky spammer's? I changed mine as well. I think I accidently clicked on one of those one time and it gave me a virus. I will NOT make that mistake again!

Kyla said...

Allison is just gorgeous.

Amanda said...


Christine said...

have a good break, ok? and she is lovely. like her mama.

painted maypole said...

ooooh... give away Allison. I could use someone to sing show tunes with! ;)

thirtysomething said...

Hope you are having a good break..and would love to see some adorable pics of those 'pouty, whiny' kids cleaning. The song of motherhood, eh? (smile)

Allie is such a pretty girl!

Lori said...

Well, she's gorgeous- but you know that. I just hope that she does...

I look forward to post #200!!! What an achievement!

Lisa writes... said...

Only a month since you've cleaned? It's been, well, longer than that for me. Until last week. And this week, spring break, when I too am forcing my children against their will to help out. I too live for the pouting and whining.

Enjoy your break, may it be productive!

And yes, your girl is beautiful! I love your pics!