Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Someone, please press pause...

Clara turned twenty-one months last week; three-quarters of a way through her second year of life.
She's officially a walker now. The Man and I just discussed it and came to the conclusion that 68% of the time she chooses to walk instead of knee-walk. Yes, 68%. I thought it was a less than 70, he thought it was a bit more. Our guesses were drearily predictable in this. He will always be the optimist. I adore him for that.

But just look at her!

Look at her bee-bopping around our cheap, tacky deck furniture like nobody's business. In just a couple weeks she has made a complete breakthrough. I am mesmerized by her. I could watch her determined, see-sawing gate forever.

Today she had her official evaluation for the early intervention program. The Man thought we should have cancelled it due to her current 68% walking rate and her increased fluidity and ease in doing so. I couldn't bring myself to do it though, because of how long it took me to get it scheduled. Their official findings:
"Clara has made significant progress with independent ambulation over the past 2-3 weeks. She does not demonstrate any delays in communication, social, adaptive, cognitive or fine motor. Her gross motor delays are due to her delay with walking. Her mother agrees to give her time to mature her gait cycle before she will progress with these high level skills. Child is not eligible for services at this time."
So that's that. No therapy for my girl. And I am perfectly fine with that. Thrilled actually, that their opinion was the same as ours.

But, oh my baby! What has happened to her in the last 3 months since I did her 18 month update? She's so different now. It's like her infantness is slipping away before of my eyes. She talks up a storm. She says "Iwan" (I want) followed by any number of commands. "Milk" or "Eat" or "Died" (outside). Allie bought her a doll for $2 at a consignment sale and named it Poppy. "Boppy" is a regular part of a her life now. She loves to sing to her: "Night, night Boppy" in perfect imitation of her own bedtime song. She tries to give "Boppy" her juice and tucks her in under blankets. And every day she asks me "Where's BooBoo? (Ben) Where's Addy (Allie) Where's Daddy?" She's hammy and silly and bursting with personality.

He appetite seems to have slowed down, but she still prefers to eat mostly fruits and veggies and dairy. Her new favorite food is cheese. She begs for it all day long and her very convincing "PEEEEEESE" makes me cave a bit more than I should.

It's true that she is still sassy and strong willed, and prone to occasional violent outbursts. She spends a good bit of time in time-out in her room for her temper. And some days, many days, she has me climbing the walls. But, oh, how I love this stage she is in now. Each day learning new words, new steps, new ideas.

I just wish that I could pause it. Just for a few days. A week. A month. Let me learn by heart every little nuance of how she is this moment, before it slips away and is replaced by another. Wonderful and miraculous in it's own right, but heartbreaking in its unfamiliarity.

Keep walking Clara-bear. Just don't go too far.
Not yet.


Michael & Catherine said...

That is awesome!! She is precious! Isn't amazing this stage...how we want them to progress and learn and grow, but not too fast please! I'm with you, my girls are so fun in their talking and walking independence but I so long for the babies that they were sometimes! Every stage is a blessing and it is good to remember to enjoy every day! I'm so glad she is walking! She's going to have a blast this summer outside!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how big she's getting! What a relief you must be feeling on the great news...just goes to show Mama DOES know BEST!!


the dragonfly said...

She is amazing!! It's so great to see her walking like that. :)

Funny, I just wrote a post about my baby growing up too fast. I'd like to slow down time, too!

slouching mom said...

Oh that first picture of her is so beautiful it tugs at my heart.

Way to go, Clara!

flutter said...

she is gorgeous

LMP said...

This is so funny, I just came across a batch of newborn Sarah pictures while nearly-2 Sarah sat on my lap pointing and yelling "baby! baby!" and I nearly cried. Because I'm done, and she's not a baby anymore.

Michelle E. said...

PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! This is such a fun age! Enjoy every second of it!

Chrissy said...

Hey, we wrote the same post today, just a few years apart. It cracks me up that she started walking right after you took her to the specialist. Of course.

She is absolutely adorable and beautiful, as always. Another gorgeous post, my friend.

Christine said...

i miss that stage so much. my son is 31/2 now and i long for that little toddler now. clara is just lovely, joy.

and sorry i've been absent lately--the new puppy is taking up LOTS of time!

Kyla said...

I'm so happy, Joy! She's walking like a PRO. That's great. I'm thrilled!

The avalanche of development. It starts with one or two things and then snowballs into a whole BIG KID doing big kid things. It goes so fast.

Beck said...

Oh, the little darling! Look at her go!
I wish I could bottle maybe one day a year, or every six months and then when I'm old I could take down this one perfect day and be with my BABY again.

Wendy said...

I know what you mean...I asked Laura (who is 2) if she was my baby or my big girl. Her answer? "Big girl!" They grow so fast.

Karen said...

wow, what amazing news, amazing progres! she is just lovely too.

thirtysomething said...

Yea!!! See, you believed in her and knew she would in HER time. My youngest was that way too. Didn't walk until she was 19 months old. The childcare center pushed and pressured for an eval for her and the moment I finally relented, just to hush them, she literally stood and walked that evening. Your baby is so precious!