Monday, October 1, 2007

Here I go again.

I love blogging.

I love having a place to record my thoughts, to experiment with different types of writing, to share the funny stories of my children. And the community, I have been overwhelmed by the community I now feel a part of. The support and perspectives I received on my post about Brandon blew my socks off!

I rarely feel that blogging is a burden. In fact, I get frustrated that I can never seem to find the time I want to spend on it. So many posts, that start in my head, never see the light of day. Because I can't seem to find the time to write them.

Because I have children. And people expect me to raise them or something.

But unfortunately, I need to take another break. There are some things I need to focus on here at home, that I have been neglecting. Because as usual, discipline in my life is something I struggle with. And I spend time reading and writing that I really should have been spending in other areas of my life. And so it's obvious to me now, that I lack the discipline to be able to juggle everything at once. So I doubt I will post much this week. And the same goes for reading and commenting. But I'll be back next week.

Because I love blogging.

And in the meantime, read this post by the incomparable Veronica Mitchell if you haven't already. Because it says what I am really going through better than I ever could. Except the PhD part. And because it's fabulous. Like her.

See ya soon.


Veronica Mitchell said...

Thanks! Enjoy your break.

Terri said...

I struggle with being disciplined, too. I love blogging and reading and like you, find it hard to efficiently juggle that with my other responsibilities. Blogging is a hobby I love, but perhaps I need to follow your example and take a break and rearrange my priorities.

Thanks for the reminder.

Kyla said...

Wishing you lots of productive time on your break.

Beck said...

Have a good break. Real life HAS to come first.

painted maypole said...

see you later!

Christine said...

take care, love.

have a good break. they are important.

Lori said...

Good for you!!

karen said...

I'll miss you! Maybe when you're ready to come back, I'll have some more posts up for you to read... :)