Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not for the boys

This morning I went to my past-due annual OBGYN visit. Nothing says Happy Halloween like freezing your tushie off for 30 minutes naked on a table while waiting for the doctor to get around to seeing you. Good times.

Since I had a tubal when Clara was born I have not had much need for this doctor in the last year. However lately I have developed some troubling woman problems (NOT going to expounding on that further) which I wanted to see someone about. Also I am having hot flashes.

I'm 32.

So I am sitting there naked trying to remember all the things I wanted to mention to her. Which leads me to ask: Why can't they come in and talk to you about these things BEFORE you take your clothes off? Does anyone else find it impossible to have a rational thought while trying to strategically cover your breasts and fat rolls with a large sheet of tissue paper?

Anyway, I tell her about my problems, about my hot flashes and for good measure I throw in the fact that I am perpetually exhausted, although I am pretty sure this is from having four children and eating crap constantly. She peppers me with a few other questions?

Doctor: Are you irritable?

Me: mean when I am not sitting naked on a table?

Doctor: Any weight gain?

Me: Does 20 lbs this year count?

Doctor: Any problems sleeping?

Me: Nope. Sleep fine. Even in the middle of the day, when I am say...playing with my kids. Or driving.

She looks at me sideways and says that all my symptoms could be related to a thyroid problem and she wants to run some tests.

What? Wait. You mean grouchy, lazy and overweight may not be my natural personality? I am still reeling at what this could mean.

Not telling the family yet though. I am not sure I could stomach their excitement. Plus, I wouldn't want them to go buy party hats prematurely.


Lori said...

Oh Joy... you are so funny- even when it is not really funny. I can't even imagine what a character you are in person!

As much as I hate to think that there is something "wrong", I do hope that there might be something that will help you feel better. Who wants to feel tired, hot, and cranky all the time??

Kyla said...

LOL! I do hope this is the answer. It seems to be a really prevalent issue for women. Keep us posted!

Beck said...

That's it - I'm going to get my throid checked, too.

the dragonfly said...

Don't you just love that they make you take your clothes off and just leave you there? At my post-partum appointment I sat for close to an hour, waiting. And it was so very cold, with no sheet or anything. The doctor was scandalized when she saw that they didn't even give me a sheet!

Hope you get some answers...

Jenn said...

Party hats aside, I do hope an answer is found, there's nothing worse than not feeling like yourself, but being unsure of who yourself should feel like.

Best thoughts and prayers.

Chrissy said...

Hey! I have thyroid problems, too. Seriously, I got diagnosed after I had Grace. For a lot of women it develops after childbirth. I felt so much better after being on the meds for a few weeks.
I hate to say I hope you have it, but hopefully you will feel better soon either way.

slouching mom said...

As I think you know, I'm in the same (sluggish) boat. But thyroid meds. are soon to be mine, and I'm actually really looking forward to the day. I need a jumpstart.

Hang in there -- things'll change, even if it takes meds.

And there's something for you at my site.

Spice Girl said...

On a complete side note, who could vote for someone who (pre-politics) was an obgyn? Ewwww.... That's just kind of gross, isn't it?

Robin M. said...

Great post... I feel your pain!

Don and Lynn said...

Oh, I had that wonderful visit last week myself. I see our nurse practitioner and I LOVE her! She never leaves me waiting more than a couple minutes. We can talk about how "the girls" just aren't the same after babies, etc. and laugh about it. If it weren't for the fact that I had precancerous cells removed years ago, I'd probably procrastinate forever! It's just not a day us women look forward to!

thirtysomething said...

Hey, it might be good news. If it is a thyroid issue, that is treatable from what I understand. In fact, you listed some symptoms I have noticed in myself lately, so I think I may look into it.

This post SO accurately portrayed a trip to the GYN office that I could actually feel my toes turning cold and purple. Well written!
And thanks for the visit to my blog!

Heather :) said...

My visit was something like this...
Dr.: Notice anything about your breasts that you want to tell me?
Me: Just the fact that they are way saggy b/c I have nursed four children, but other than that~ no!
Praying that they find the answers you are seeking & hopefully can offer some help! :)

Wendy said...

Joy, I had the some of the same symptoms you described and was diagnosed with a thyroid problem this past summer - the meds really do make a huge difference! You just have to hang in there. I didn't realize how bad I felt until the meds kicked in and I felt "normal" again. If that's your problem, there is hope.

karen said...

Joy, oh Joy...I hope it does turn out to be a medicatable problem - how nice it would be to not have to wait 18 years for another good day!

I'm living the life of the other half on my annual trips to the OBGYN these days. The office I got when my insurance last changed addresses all aspects of a woman's health, including her need for Botox. I think it's with regard to the wrinkle services that the whole office has been done over like a spa but whatever the reason, I don't mind the warm tables and soft music!