Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Please. Stop and read this post.

I am in from my hiatus at the request of another blogger. Jenn at Serving the Queens lost a family member last weekend. Sgt. Matthew Blaskowski came home from Iraq today. He died serving our country. A picture of him and Jenn's heartbreaking words are found here. What Jenn asked me to do; what she asked many of us to do, is invite people to leave comments on a tribute she is creating for his parents, Terry & Cheryl Blaskowski. She would like everyone to go to his page and post their words of support. The funeral is Thursday and she would like to present them with a card containing these comments at that time.

This is not about how you feel about the war. This is not about the place to take a stand. This is about a man who signed a piece of paper to serve his country, our country, no matter what, and the family that lost him. This is our chance to stand together and show them our love, our God, our support for their son, who is a hero for doing what so few would.

So please, go to this page and leave a comment. You do not have to have a blog of your own to leave a comment.

And if you feel lead, and I hope that you do, share the link to Matt's page on your own blog, or by email. I want Mr. and Mrs. Blaskowski to be blown away by the people that want to honor their son and the sacrifice he made for us all.


Jenn said...

Thank you for your post.

He was not a family member to me; but to my sister, her husband's nephew.

Not a family member, but a hero.

Kyla said...

Yes, ma'am.

Christine said...

it is so wonderful that so many are doing this.

thirtysomething said...

This is such a heartbreaking thing. I have been and commented.

As for your post about Brandon, I just read it and am catching up (again!!). Those parenting ideals of mine have slowly but surely popped over the years as well, and I sure had a bunch of them too. I was a fabulous mom until I actually had children, then Whoa.
I dread these years with my boys and girls, for different reasons respectively. I guess I just hope that attitudes, rebellions, bad grades, all of this, if it has to be, it will be withstood through a loving family and steadfast committment. I also pray daily that we won't face the demon of drug addiction along with everything else that seems to be unavoidable with teenagers.
Please know that we are all out here pulling for you guys and I am sure you have instilled in him all things solid and good that he will draw upon in his time of struggles. You are a great mom. I can just tell.

childlife said...

Thank you Joy for posting this - going there now...