Friday, October 19, 2007

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind

Random things on my mind this morning.
  1. Where do Allison's socks go? I wash them, give them to her, and they are never seen again. It's one of life's great unsolved mysteries. Like the Bermuda triangle.
  2. I hated my last post. I changed it 3 times after I hit publish and I still hate it. It just feels corny to me. So now I have to rush and post something else so it slides on down the page.
  3. Why do I continue to feel that there is a better version of myself stuck inside me? A version that has found the key to this self-discipline thing and can stick to a diet, an exercise plan, a Bible Study routine, a housekeeping schedule. One who's always put together and not still in her Pajamas at 10:00? If she's really there, how do I make her come out and stay?
  4. The Office was such a better show at 30 minutes. It drags at an hour. They should change it back.
  5. Allison wants a bigger dollhouse for Christmas. Why do I cringe when she says it because I know if she tells the girls at school that's what she got, they will make fun of her. Why do girls walk into the halls of a middle school and feel the need to immediately become teenagers in waiting. I read this post and I am convinced once again that media and materialism are ruining our children.
  6. Why can't they make just the inserts for the Nuby sippy cups? Why do I have to buy a whole new cup each time my kids chew up the silicone part? Isn't that wasteful.
  7. Why would anyone ever reject Slouching Moms articles? Did they read them? She's the best writer I know.
  8. Why am I such a comment junkie? Is my self-esteem really that dependent on external support?
  9. I took dozens of pictures of Clara for her 15 month post. I wonder how many I can post without boring everyone to tears. I just can't get over how cute that girl is.
  10. Bill Cosby Rocks.
  11. This is my 100th post. One hundred posts about me, my family, my thoughts on life. How is it possible I could think I have anything new to offer? Isn't it a bit egotistical to think people care about any of this?


painted maypole said...

if you find a way to bring out that person who hasit all together, would you please let the rest of us know?

a happier girl said...

I agree about The Office. I thought last night felt the teensiest bit stretched. 30 minutes always leaves me happy and wanting more. I like it better that way.

erin k said...

If you REALLY want funny, you should watch the original British version of The Office. Seriously.

and I liked your last post.

slouching mom said...

Joy -- You've no idea how much that touched me, to find that snippet there in the middle of the other ones.

What a boost on a day when, as it turns out, I'm feeling just as blah as yesterday. ;)

You're a sweetheart.

And as for The Office, I agree. Isn't it sad that all good shows have to go downhill eventually?

Beck said...

Yeah, the Office needs to shrink back to its normal size again. But when Jim said that he was in love with Italian food last night? I burst into tears.

spaz said...

The Office. I watched it last night because someone told me it was the funniest show and couldn't believe I didn't watch it. I have to say I was disappointed and relieved that I haven't missed anything or been wasting my Thursday nights.

Your kids chew up the Nuby inserts?

Do you think Allison would like a "build-it-yourself" doll house? The kind you glue and paint?

Kyla said...

I think your better version and my better version are hanging out together somewhere, wearing all of our non-pajamas clothes. Probably in the Bermuda triangle. With the socks.

Speaking of, have you checked under/behind her bed? BubTar stores ALL his socks there. Every two weeks or so, he runs out and I have to move the bed to go find them. I'll find at least twenty socks back there!

Kellan said...

Congratulations on your 100 post! Way to go. I enjoyed reading this - thanks. See ya.

CeCe Lane said...

I can so relate to your first thought. My almost 5 year old can take off her shoes, put them in the closet and then can't find them. She attempted to inform me they walked off on their own, but I'm thinking not.

I too, am a comment junkie. Love those things.

I have never watched The Office.

Marlene said...

Great blog! I always think there is a better version of myself inside as well. Maybe it is just a common thought that as women, we always want to be better.

Christine said...

i love you, joy. seriously.

your last post was perfect. not corny at all.

the office is better at a half hour and i think it will change back when scrubs starts.

girls ARE forced to grow up way too fast.

no one should ever reject a story by sm. she is the BEST.

you are not egotistical. you are real and honest and i love your writing.

you are perfect.

thirtysomething said...

I could have written this post. I am SO SO with you on Slouching Mom's articles. WHO is reading them and do they NOT recognize true talent when they see it?

And DON"T get me started on the media dn it's destruction of our children's precious self esteem.

AWESOME on your 100 posts, congratulations!

I still have 20 to go before I hit that milestone and some days, when I can't think of anything more boring than my life, it might be awhile before I make it!
I can't wait to see the pictures of your adorable Clara.

Lisa writes... said...

Just posting a comment to tell you I care! Keep posting! Here's to the next 100! :-)