Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Little of This, A Lot of That

This week, after being inspired by Lisa, I joined the 5 AM Club. Except, it's the 6 AM Club here. I won't lie and say it's been life changing, but I am trusting that will come with faithfulness. It has been good. It's necessary. My family feels like it's under attack right now, and I need the armor. And the patience. And the time to do laundry. It's also making me really tired about 5 PM each afternoon.

The Man is out of town for the weekend. I can't express how much I dislike it when The Man goes out of town. My patience cup has sprung a leak lately, and now it's dry as a bone. I miss him. He's the other half of this ragtag parenting team, and I don't work well without him.

I have been consoling myself by watching much of the first season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD, while successfully ignoring the heckling from my teenager.

Clara went to her 18 month appointment last week. Despite some deliciously cherubic evidence to the contrary, she's measuring tall and thin. She impressed the doctor with her speech and charming personality.

No that wasn't sarcasm.

The doctor was not impressed, however, with her knee walking, even after I pointed out what a hit it was at parties. And although I argued strongly - and surprisingly - that it wasn't necessary, Clara now has an appointment for a neurological evaluation next week. And maybe an orthopedic evaluation after that. That one I think may be necessary. If someone was asking me.

And somehow this bulldozing by the doctor to get her evaluated has brought a whisper of worry into my consciousness, where none was before.

Yesterday, I went for a test called a sonohystogram. It's like an ultrasound you have in your first trimester, but without the excitement of looking for a heartbeat. And it also involved some other steps which I will spare you. But suffice to say it was lovely in the way that only having your feet up in stirrups can be. Anyway, they found a polyp. A small polyp. And I guess they will have to remove it or something. We are going to discuss that on Monday.

This discovery makes me genuinely happy. It is exactly the outcome I had been praying for. I had this test because of some troublesome "womanly" problems I had been having. I'll spare you the details on those as well. Because I am nice like that. But finding a problem, means finding a solution, which should make things better for me.

It also makes me think of Clara' situation in a slightly different light. Because if she does have an issue preventing her from walking, than maybe finding that out would be a blessing as well. Because we could address it, and her quality of life would improve.

Or maybe she's just impossibly stubborn and likes walking on her knees. Which I still think is a strong possibility.

Ben is finally potty trained. Yes, he is almost four three-and-a-half. And don't ask me for advice, because nothing I did seemed to make a bit of difference. He did it, on his own, when he was ready. Which was something I knew but forgot when I, once again, found myself caught up in the world of kid comparisons. You would think I would know better by now.

If you really want advice, that's it: they'll do it when they are ready, and in the grand scheme of things it makes no difference if they do it at 2-and-a-half or 3-and-a-half or 5. So go worry about something else.

But now I am down to one in diapers. Hallelujah.

Brandon is grounded. Possibly for eternity. And the most disturbing part is that he no longer seems to care. I don't know what to do with that. But it scares me. More than defiance, or sulking. So pray for him, will ya? I'm counting on God to pick up the reigns on this one. Because I'm out.

Lastly, blogging is barely on my radar right now, as apparent by my measly one post a week. So please forgive my semi-absent status, or rejoice in it.

Either way works for me.


slouching mom said...

No need for us to forgive you -- it's quite clear that you have a huge amount on your plate right now.

As for the hysterosonogram, you know that I understand. These things do mess with your quality of life, don't they?

I'm sorry to hear about Brandon. I'm sure it's a phase that will pass, but that isn't any consolation at the moment, I know. I'll be thinking about you, and him.

i won't need to be thinking about Clara, though, because I agree. I think she's just stubborn. She totally cracks me up.

xxoo to you.

Rose Daughter said...

You know, that 5 am thing sounds like a good idea. And I'm saying this as a night person. I'll try it tomorrow and we'll see how this week goes.

It took forever for my daughter to get potty trained, now my son (2) is interested. Woo hoo...

Lori said...

I am definitely on the "she'll do it when she's ready" track with Pumpkin. She turns three next month but I'm not worried. She is showing signs and there is no doubt that girl can do whatever she sets her mind to. Way to go Ben!!

For some reason, I don't feel worried at all about Clara. But it is only responsible to explore every avenue when it comes to the health and well being of our children. Like you said, if there is an issue (which I doubt), it is better to deal with it head on.

As archaic as it can sometimes sound, I think grounding is an excellent consequence for a child who has lost his way. Under those circumstances it is best to surround him with home and family and hopefully wake up that part of him that remembers what it is like to want to be a part of all that is good. I'll be praying that he won't need "eternity" to figure that out!

Ugh. 5 AM! Even 6 AM! I don't know that I can do it. Sometimes Pumpkin wakes me up around 6ish but I can usually talk her into snuggling in bed with me until closer to 7. I can understand the benefits though. It sounds good in theory....

the dragonfly said...

That is very early. Considering I usually don't fall asleep until around four...I don't think it's the best idea for me (and yes, I go to bed at a normal time every night. I just can't sleep.).

Battlestar Galactica!! I love it! Waiting for the season 3 dvds in March...

Lindsay said...

I have to say that I am not a morning person, BUT.... God impressed on my heart a year or so ago about getting up before my kids are screaming to get up. I was shocked at how much my day changed. Just having 30min-1hour of quiet house time was incredible. I do devotions, clean up, pray, and even started cooking a warm breakfast. (It was normally waffles, cereal, bagels, etc.) It was amazing how much more "engaged" I felt. I felt like I controled my day instead of just trying to catch up all day. ANyway, life gets the best of me sometimes and I wake to screaming children. But thank God that his mercies are new every morning.

Congrats on Potty training!

Don and Lynn said...

I will be saying prayers for Brandon. I think sometimes God wants us to move out of the way and let Him in to do what needs to be done. It's like He's riding our tail honking and flashing the brights and we just won't get over to the right. LOL! I'm not sure I'm ready for full-on teenage-hood. Eric only being here every once and awhile has only provided me with a glimpse, a brief warm-up. Which is better than nothing, I suppose.

And you get lots of sympathy for the sonohystogram. Ummmm, not the MOST comfortable procedure in the world. I had one done prior to Don having the big reversal. They, too, found a small polyp which was removed. It was simple, and best-it gave me a day off. Whoo-hooo! It also helped me find one of the sweetest Dr.'s in the world. He actually came in the OR himself to hold and stroke my hand as they put me to sleep. My ENT did NOT do that when I had my 2 sinus surgeries. Make sure you stay loaded up on Motrin for a day or so after, you'll be fine!

We've been doing a 24 marathon in our house since we missed last season. I think we have the last 9
hours to go. It's great being able to watch one right after another! Have fun with Battlestar!

Lisa writes... said...

All four of my boys were three and a half when they were potty trained. I finally figured out (after 4) that this was something they must decide because there was no way I could MAKE them do it!

So glad you've joined the 5/6 am club! Listen, I'll pray for you, because 6 to you is 5 to me, so we'll be up at the same time! I pray God will bless your self-denial and your determination to seek after Him FIRST thing...

Praying too for wisdom and discernment in the Clara/polyp/Brandon situations...

Kyla said...

Oh Joy! "Neurological evaluation" made my stomach lurch for you. Not that I think there will be anything to be found with your dear Clara (because I really don't), I just know that stress. And also? You have an appointment for NEXT WEEK? Niiiiice. We had to wait 6 months for our first, the price we pay for going to the best children's hospital in our region; long waits, always. If you need to freak out or want me to walk you through how they usually go, I'm here.

This was quite a lot to process, I'm sure it has been rough inside your head as of late. I hope the polyp problem is easily resolvable and that somehow, Brandon realizes the consequences of his actions extend far beyond a grounding he doesn't seem to care about.

Chrissy said...

I hope you know what I intend when I say congratulations on your polyp. Sorry you had to go through the stirrup ordeal to find it, but still good news.

What a wise woman you are to put on your armor every morning. I hope you are able to see the benefits from it soon, because I know there will be some.

As for Clara, I'm certain you will go in there and be informed that you have wasted your time coming to the doctor. And that will be good news, too. Hang in there.

Oh, and YAY Ben!

Beck said...

Teenagers often act like they don't care, but things might be sinking in more then you think. Do you have a clergyperson who might be able to talk to him?
The Baby was a LATE walker too, and we had some tests done on her. It's good to get worrisome things out of the way, even if it's probably nothing.

Anonymous said...

A very wise person once told me that our children don't really learn that we love them from all the happy love-fest times, but instead from when we let them know we still love them when we are disconnected, angry, or otherwise the opposite of happy.

Epiphany Alone said...

Oh, my friend. I'm smiling with you and praying, as you said, for God to pick up the reigns.

Our pediatrician wrote a referral to seek early intervention therapy at Lindsay's 15 month appointment when she was still cruising. A week later, she was walking. At the moment she is running around with much more stability than Lauren, an early walker, at the same age.