Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bada Bling

I have never been someone that needs to do things exactly right. A perfectionist? Detail oriented? These are not words people would generally use to describe me. I am more of an "Ehhh? Seems good enough to me" type personality as evidenced by my dusty home, weedy lawn and the typos I am always finding in my old posts. (Sorry about those by the way, I'll try to proof better.) So imagine my surprise when Sarah, over at "In the Trenches..." informed me that she had selected me as the August winner of The Perfect Post Award.

Me! A perfect post? I was shocked. And obviously quite flattered.

Anyway, the post that she selected as the winner was "Am I my blog?" which is somewhat ironic because it was an attempt to respond to a post I read over at Hireath and a departure from the sentimental drivel about my children I typically write. And after I wrote it I wondered if it was silly. I still do a bit. I certainly never thought it would earn me some bloggy bling.

Perfect Post Award for August 2007

So thanks to Sarah for the award. For making me smile and for encouraging me to step out of my writing box more often. But don't worry, there will never be a shortage of sentimental drivel.
Ya know, in case you were worried.


spaz said...

Congratulations! Very cool!

Joy, of course said...

Ma-an! The typos in this post alone (where I vowed to start proofing better) were awful. You would think I was trying to make a point or something, which I wasn't.

Sad, sad, sad. Why do you people even come back?

slouching mom said...

Ah, but it was a lovely, thoughtful, thought-provoking post!


Beck said...

Congratulations - it WAS a lovely post.

Kyla said...


painted maypole said...


Christine said...

joy--you are an amazing writer. you really are. that post had this award written all over it. congratulations!