Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's ADD?

It's Wednesday again and I planned to go to Bible Study this morning. But as I was preparing to leave, I noticed that the red bumps on Clara's face that I assumed were bug bites were practically multiplying before my eyes. Baby girl has spots! So no Bible Study for us. We dropped Ben off at school and headed back home, mentally reviewing how I would use the unexpected Ben-free time to get some things done.

First I checked the blogs. Because when I say "Oh. I have time to get some things done", what I really mean is "Oooh. I can check the blog roll!"

Then I headed into the kitchen for more coffee and thought "Wow this kitchen is a mess, I really should clean it!"

So I started loading the dishwasher and wiping down counters and Clara came crawling in whining. Probably because I hadn't fed her.

So I stopped and made her breakfast. Waffles and Banana slices.

Then I started cleaning the kitchen again.

But I figured I should check the living room for stray bottles and sippy cups. And maybe I watched a bit of The Today Show while I was there.

Oops Clara's was whining again. Off I went to go check on her. She's was sitting in her high-chair with her hands raised in the air. Her sign for "I'm done eating now!" So I washed her up and went to put her down, but then I thought. She's still in her PJs. Better fix that.

So I headed off to Clara's room to change her diaper and get her dressed. Which I did.

But then I noticed the pile of clothes on the floor I was sorting to give to my neighbor. So I sat down and started sorting some more. And Clara came to help.

And so we had to play in the clothes.

And she looked so cute, I had to stop and take pictures. Like this one.

But then the camera died so I had to go put it on the charger.

Then I went back to Clara's room and I realized her room really stunk like diapers so I decided to empty the diaper pale.

So I headed off to the kitchen for a trashbag. And another one for the hand-me-downs.

But when I returned to her room and start emptying the diaper pale I noticed her laundry is overflowing. Well, I thought, I better start a load. And I might as well strip her bed while I'm at it.

So I took her basket off to the laundry room. But when I got to the laundry room I realized the clothes in the dryer needed fluffing before I could fold them. So I turned the dryer back on and decided to fold the clothes in the basket.

I started to fold the clothes in the basket and then noticed they had ANTS on them. The clean clothes in the basket were full of ants.


Oh, well I was planning on doing an ant treatment anyway. So I headed out to the garage to get the ant spray I bought 3 months ago. I went in the kitchen to figure out how to attach the sprayer thingy.

But then I realized I never loaded the dishwasher. But once I started that again, Clara came in whining. Again. And I thought 'She should take a nap while I am spraying for ants so she doesn't get in the spray.'

So I took her to her room but then realized she didn't have sheets on her bed, because I had just stripped them.

So I went to the linen closet to get sheets and remade her bed.

And then noticed the pile of clothes for the neighbor still on the floor, next to the bag from the diaper pale. So I started stuffing those in the other bag, until I have time to sort through the rest.

And the room still stunk so I take the bag of diapers out to the garage.

And when I walk through the kitchen, I see the bug spray and say 'Oh, right ants.' So I started spraying the house for ants. Until I got to Clara's room and found her playing again in the clothes I just bagged up for the neighbor.

So I put the clothes back in the bag, put the bag in the hall and put Clara in bed.

Then I headed out of her room and stood there a moment bewildered. What was I doing? So I walk back the the computer to check for comments on my post. After I have read those. And cried. The comments on yesterdays post made me bawl. I head into the kitchen for more coffee and think:

"Wow this kitchen is still a big mess. I really should clean it."

And I did.


Chrissy said...

Oh, this is so funny! It's multitasking gone awry. I love how you thought you were going to be so much more productive Ben-free. I often wonder if there really is a motherhood-induced ADD and if so, if I can get some medication for it.

Kyla said...

This is my life. Haha!

slouching mom said...

Oh, so so so funny! Today I looked up and felt something was amiss. It was 8:30am. What was the problem? Ben was upstairs when he should have been at school already!

We forgot to send Ben off to school!


Chaotic Joy said...

SM-You forgot to send Ben to school! You actually made me LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How can you remember everything you did today! I don't remember this morning!!! Well, if I tried I could, but I promise it won't be this interesting and funny!!

karen said...

@ Slouching Mom: Forgetting to send your son to school could win you the monthly WME honor in one post!

Lori said...

This post made me think of the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" books!! Sort of a mother's version of how one task inevitably leads to the next (or causes you to forget the first one!)

I loved this!

painted maypole said...

ha ha... your day sounds a bit like mine... one thing just kept leading to another!

Beck said...

That sounds like my day, too. Ah, the glamerous life of a stay-at-home mom.

spaz said...

That's not how it's supposed to be?
...oh, ooops!

Debbie Peltier said...

HEHE!!! I think you need a day of bed rest!! :-) I hate days like that because then husband comes home and says..."what did you do all day?" and you don't have one thing completed to show for your day of busy-ness!! Hang in there!!

childlife said...

Joy, you made me laugh - again! You just summarized my housekeeping methods to a tee! : P Suddenly it is all making sense...

Welcome Ewe said...

I'm kind of late on this one... I just found your blog... this sounds so like me!!! I'm not a stay-at-home mom, but my evenings and weekends sound just like this! Hang in there.