Saturday, September 1, 2007

An Alphabetical Account

A besotted child dances,
Fans gushing Hallelujah
in jubilation.

Lifting many needs.
Obeisantly praising.

Quiet restoration.

"Trust, unfinished vessel,
xpect your Zenith"

This morning my dearest friend Melissa (known as the sarcastic "spaz" around here) and I attended a concert put on by our local Christian radio station. It was a lovely time and I came home refreshed and sunburned.

I decided to commemorate it with a challenge presented by Slouching Mom. A poem written with one word for each letter of the alphabet. In order. It was challenging, but fun.


I took a bit of liberty with "x". Pesky letter.

Give it a try. But if you do, let us know so we can read it.


slouching mom said...

I found 'x' pesky too!

The first line of this is lovely.

I've linked it up.

Monica said...

Oooh.. I love this poem. I love the simple question, "Savior?". Nice.

Christine said...

"Trust, unfinished vessel,
xpect your Zenith"

Really lovely.

I enjoyed this so much as well.


Kyla said...


These have all turned out so well. I'm really enjoying each one.

Lori said...

Oh, I love yours!! Beautiful! These are all so ingenious and compelling, really.

I cheated with "x" too!

Christine said...

"trust unfinished vessel. . ."

beautiful and radiant.

bravo--wonderful job.

isn't this fun to do?

painted maypole said...

lovely poem.

My daughter is that child dancing... after worship she comes up to the front and boogies - I call her "the Hosanna dancer"

Michelle said...

Super clever, and a beautiful poem as well - You've got skills! : )

Ma said...

Really, really nice!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful poem. Sounds like a good concert!

Jenn said...

"Kneeling, lifting many needs".

That was one of the simplest, most powerful statements of faith that I've read.

niobe said...

Yes, X does make this much more of a challenge. I'm fascinated how each of us seem to take this idea for a poem in a different direction, perhaps revealing something about ourselves in the process.

bubandpie said...

This is lovely.

I started with X - and when hubby suggested "X-Men" I turned the whole thing over to him.

spaz said...

all that praise for a funnel cake?