Thursday, December 6, 2007

One up, one down.

Well Clara's fever is better, although the snot is still an issue. I'll kindly spare you the details on that! She seems to have passed her germs onto her brother - no surprise there, those two are on top of each other - and he is now feverish. Which means that I had to cancel my sister-in-law who was supposed to come clean my house tomorrow.

And no it wasn't pity, I was paying her. She does it as a part time job. And so desperate was I to have this pigsty less, well, totally-freakin-disgusting before Saturday, I was even willing to let a member of my husband's family see it at it's worst. But now, she can't come because she was bringing my nephew, and Ben is sick. Which just stinks.

That, and...Ben's sick! My poor little guy never gets sick. He isn't complaining but he has that glassy, feverish, red-cheeked look, and he doesn't really want to get off the couch. And seeing my silly, mischievous boy in his footsie spider-man pajamas so quiet and still gives me a little heartache. Which makes me just want to curl up with his hot little body in my lap for hours on end.

And I think I will. Because, today there just isn't anything that seems more important. He's my heart, that boy.

Oh and I am posting over at Worst Mama Today too.


Lori said...

Rats, rats and double rats!! Poor sick boy, and now no cleaning help. That really is a double whammy!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

UGH!! sick days!!!
I can never decide which is worse - when they are all sick together or one right after the other...we have three so that can be a looooooong haul!!!

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Kyla said...

KayTar came down with a "beaver" (how BubTar says it) yesterday afternoon. I was recently thinking how lucky we've been with the germs as of late. Ooops. That positive thinking gets me every time!

I hope Ben feels better soon.

nutmeg said...

Can I have her? PLEEEEASE?

Chrissy said...

Sorry to hear you're still in quarantine. And especially sorry you have no help on the way for the house.

It is disturbing when they get still. So unnatural. Hope he feels better soon.

Jenn said...

Cleaning help?

There is such a thing? ;)

Hope everyone is on the mend and back into the groove of chaos soon.