Monday, December 17, 2007

Scroogie Conversations from our weekend...

Allison-Mom, my black pants smell really bad.
Me-Your concert is in an hour, why are you telling me this now?
Allison-I can't wear them like this, they smell.
Me-Well try not to inhale.

Me-Ben, Please put baby Jesus back in the manger.
Ben-But I love baby Jesus.
Me-I know Ben, But you might break him.
Ben-Wide Eyed - Break baby Jesus?
Me-Yes, Ben, you know that's not the real baby Jesus, it's just a decoration.
Ben-Oh. The real baby Jesus is tougher?
Me-Yes Ben. Much tougher.

Allison-Mom, I signed up to bring chicken wings to our party on Thursday.
Me-Chicken Wings?!?!
Allison-tentatively -Yes
Me-Allie, we discussed this.
Allison-Mom, They said they already had all the paper products they needed.

Me-BEN STOP! I told you that present was for Gramma. What are you doooing?
Ben-Sheepishly- She needs help unwapping it.

Me-giggling-Look Brandon, here's your Michael Vick ornament from last year.
Brandon-Oh great, we're hanging convicts on our tree now.

Me-Ben, please, put that ornament back on the tree.
Me-Clara, don't touch the tree!
Me-Ben, stop playing with the ornaments.
Ben-Cwara's taking off the ornments!
Me-Clara, no!
Ben-She's breaking it!! That's MINE!
Me-BEN & CLARA GET AWAY FROM THE TREE! Can't you just watch TV?

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Beck said...

The smelly pant thing is EXACTLY why they invented Febreeze!

Don and Lynn said...

Oh, you just made me so glad that our tree is in our toddler-proofed living room. It is barricaded against their tiny, destroying hands!

As for those smelly pants-that would have gotten a comment along the lines of, "what, have you suddenly forgotten how to use the restroom?" laden with TONS of sarcasm from me!

Team Jenkins said...

Okay, Joy. I was just beginning to learn that you have a really dry sense of humor and, in fact, I just told someone (but can't remember who) that you were really funny. But this post, it totally cracked me up and I had to read it to Bowdie. He cracked up to. Love your writings . . . hang in there and "Don't grow weary doing good." Merry Christmas!!

Lori said...

These didn't sound Scroogie at all to me- just hysterically funny!

Okay, the "they already have enough paper products" cracked me up!! That's me. Put me down for napkins. MAYBE beverages if I'm feeling really together.

And, really. Can't they just watch TV? :)

Kyla said...

Hilarious. And are you sure that you didn't hear that last conversation at my house? LOL.

I was so thrilled when BubTar's room mom just asked us to send a check for $ instead of food/gifts. She said she'd handle EVERYTHING. I think I love her. ;)

Lisa writes... said...

Guess what...we have those exact conversations at our house, on a slightly varied theme, of course! But it's much funnier reading it here, you know, than actually LIVING it...

Chrissy said...

I'm with you on the chicken wing exasperation. Can't we just skip a few Christmas parties? Do every one of their organizations really need to have a party?

Apparently I'm the only one in our circle of supermoms that thinks so. So I just keep bringing the same tin of overcooked chocolate chip cookies that no one eats to each party. Now that's Scroogie.

erin k said...

Yes, the real baby Jesus is quite tough, isn't he.

painted maypole said...

oh. all of these made me laugh! :)