Thursday, December 6, 2007

Do you see what I see?

On Monday I ordered Christmas cards from a certain online photo center using these two exact pictures in a two photo collage.

Today, I received the cards in the mail and they looked like this:

Um...Anything seem off to you? The color? The dark and dreary quality?

Yeah me too.

Oh and see that reddish part on the side. It's part of the design. A design that is called"Red Holly Leaves". I am guessing because online it has red holly leaves. Not on my card though. I am calling my card "Rust Imagine-the-Holly Leaves." Maybe the leaves are like one of those optical illusion paintings. If I stare at it long enough, they will suddenly appear. In 3-D

I am starting to get a feeling that a decent Christmas Card is not in God's plans for me this year.
In fairness to the online photo service, I have just ended a 30 minute long phone call with a very nice woman, who spoke very marginal English, in their customer service department. After emailing her this picture (a version that included the missing Holly part) she finally admitted that their may have been an error in their printing process and is overnighting me a new shipment.

It's possible that tomorrow I will receive much-improved cards and we will be all kissy kissy again.


spaz said...

Now that is funny.

Chrissy said...

It's funny because it didn't happen to me. They're so dark and so blue! Didn't anyone look at them before they sent them out?

I hope the next set will work. Still, just think of all the things you could do with the sixty defunct cards you already have...collage wrapping paper? Wallpaper your bathroom? Enclose them with your utility bills for the entire year?

Chaotic Joy said...

Chrissy! That is too funny. Can you imagine what the utility companies would think if I just kept sending them blue pictures of my children everytime we paid a bill. You crack me up.

Heather :) said...

I'm still waiting to see what your first attempt looked like. :) The ONLY reason mine was way less frustrating was b/c my sister has a computer program where you pick the pictures and drop them in and your card is wonderful. Well, not that easy, but coming from the person (me) who did nothing except pick out the background and write Merry Christmas, it was great!

painted maypole said...


hope the new ones are better

our WEDDING photos all came back blue tinted, and then the guy who took them tried to claim it wasn't his responsibility, that it was the place he had develop them responsibility, and we should pay to have them redone. I told him NO we worked through him, and he needed to redo them for us, and it was HIS responsibility to get us a quality product. He could fight with the printer if he wanted, but I would not. We did finally get the reprints, but he was really pissed at us. sigh.

Kyla said...

So glad they are sorting it out for you!

They are too cute, though!!

Jenn said...

Hope love is in the air tomorrow when your new cards arrive.

Beck said...

Aw. I hope that your cards come back so much better!
What beautiful kids you have, though!

Lori said...

I have found that particular online photo service to be quite responsive, and usually they make things right (which doesn't absolve them from screwing up in the first place)- so I hope they do!

That is SO frustrating though! The pictures are darling (your version, that is).

Catherine said...

Ooof, how disappointing! May I suggest Costco's photo center?

Bon777 said...

The second batch will be much better I'm sure.
Your kids are beautiful. (but I'm partial to little blondies)

Rose Daughter said...

They sent those out to you, you could have printed them off better. lol Hope the next ones turn out.