Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I've got whine...who's got cheese?

Clara is sick, sick, sick. Feverish, miserable and a veritable factory of snot. Too much information?

Yeah. I know. Sorry.

I am thinking she might have an ear infection but I am trying to wait it out. I despise taking my children to the doctor and am a firm believer that the body will fight off most things on it's own. This has been going on for a few days now though and if I don't see improvement by tomorrow, I'll make the call. Just because it is killing me to see her so miserable. And because I can't get more than two feet away from her. Which is kinda hard. When you have 3 other children.

My bins of Christmas decorations are still sitting in the hall. I am hosting my annual holiday brunch for my girlfriends from highschool and their children on Saturday, but things like cleaning and shopping and decking the halls just aren't happening. Sitting on the couch with Clara-bear for hours and hours watching recorded episodes of Sesame Street over and over, while using 543 tissues...that's what's happenin. Much to Ben's very vocal dismay.

Oh and blogging, that's not happenin either. Besides this post of course. And probably won't be happenin anytime soon. Because eventually I do have to clean and shop and deck the halls. Or at the very least calling a cleaning service.

You know while I lock myself in the laundry closet with a bottle of wine.

Oh and I have a confession. You know those really awful Christmas cards I received last week. I ordered new ones. I couldn't get past the awful pictures. So I created a collage at Shutterfly which should be here this week which I am much happier with. But it totally throws my "Oh I am not going to stress about perfection this year" theory out the window. Along with the $30 I spent on the first batch.

I am so weak. And predictable.


Spice Girl said...

Joy, you crack me up. Really. And I needed it after a night where I was woken up (oh, wait, I hadn't yet gone to sleep) in the wee hours by Will screaming bloody murder because the night light in the hall had gone out. The nightlight had gone out because the power went out. The power went out because we had a nor'easter come through and dump tons of snow on us. And I've still got 60 pages to revise and double by next Monday.

You've got whine? I've definitely got the cheese.

Lori said...

Oh gosh, I would have done the same thing about the cards. It is really hard for me to send out pictures I am not happy with. And really, isn't $30 a small price to pay for a little peace of mind? I hope you caught one of the Shutterfly sales that have been going on!

I am so sorry Clara is so miserably sick. That is so hard on both the little one and mama. I'm praying that she'll turn the corner soon and those decorations will fly around the house all by themselves! (Our boxes are still in the living room too. I'm about half way done but that second half is taunting me...)

Crystal said...

Poor Clara, here's wishing a nice long afternoon nap is in her future.
Too funny about the cards. I totally feel your pain. Nothing as awful as a bad card. I ordered 2 versions last year. (and they were colleges)
Last night I took 153 pictures and ended up with just one good shot. Ugh, at least it is over until next year.

Chrissy said...

oohhhhh, I want to come that partyyyyyy. Whyyyy do I live so far awayyyyyyy?

Wow, it does feel better to whine. I'm dying to get out there, but alas, no funds, no time, no patience to make the trip.

Hope Clara feels better soon.

Kyla said...

Poor sweet Clara! (and Mommy, and Ben!)

And would YOU really be YOU if you didn't reorder the cards? ;) I bet they turned out wonderfully this time.

Beck said...

Having a sick lil' one is just NO fun.

slouching mom said...

Aww, poor Clara! Poor you!

I love me some Shutterfly.

Don and Lynn said...

I don't have cheese, but I have more whine! Blake is feverish today, too. NOTHING is making him happy, except food which I had a running supply of today. Every time I would get up to come in the kitchen he would follow a foot behind, whining all the way. Then I'd pick him up and cuddle, and then he'd want to get down. GRRRRR! We watched Backyardigans and Jack's Big Music Show all day. Now they will be in withdraws when I pull the plug on that! They went to bed a bit early and now I'm enjoying my glass of WINE that I feel I so richly deserve! It will be a short lived peace, he usually wakes up in the middle of the night when he's sick. Oh boy!!!

Chaotic Joy said...

Chrissy-I soooo wish you could be there too. You'd know everyone. And I am sure you kids would fit right in the chaos. It is a bummer that you are so far away.

Lynn-I sometimes think it's just impossible not to be in a bad mood when one of your kids is sick. That constant whining and hanging on you all day really gets to you after a while. I hope all of our babies are much improved tomorrow.

Crystal-153 pictures!! Really? Oh you totally win this contest. That's picture dedication right there.