Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My real life friend (I do have those, I swear) Kelly, tagged me for a meme recently. And since my well of inspiration is, as usual, quite shallow I thought it was as good a time as ever to resort back to "Random Facts":

3 random facts:
  1. I have a strong aversion to chewing gum. I think the idea of something that you chew and chew and then eventually spit back out is monumentally disgusting. I hate the sound of someone chewing gum. Even the smell gives me the heebie jeebies.
  2. By nature I can be sarcastic, opinionated and, well, a wee bit snarky. I try to suppress these traits because, for the most part, I do not find them to God honoring. So I fight a constant battle to obtain the kind, gentle, quiet nature of a Godly woman. But sometimes, it's just really hard.
  3. I eat my food one item at a time. It's a rule. I can't be hopping back and forth between the sandwich and the chips or the potatoes and the veggies. That's just craziness.
3 current obsessions:
  1. Blogging and Facebook and Twitter, Oh my! I may require an intervention for my out-of-control addiction to my online communities. I mean does everyone really need to know what I am doing every minute of every day? Apparently I think they do.
  2. Food. I have been on a diet for the last 5-6 weeks. I have lost 10 pounds, put a couple back on, and am now working at losing it again so I can then lose 30 more. But whether I am working my way up or down the scale, food is constantly on my mind.
  3. This coat from Project Runway last night. OK, maybe not technically an obsession. But Korto made this entire thing from Saturn seat belts. Seat belts, people! And I would totally pay tons and tons of money for one like it. You know, except for the fact that I am a broke mother of four who got her last coat for $7 at a consignment store. But whatever. It's awesome.
3 goals:
  1. Weight Loss, obviously.
  2. To decide what I want to do when I grow up when my kids grow up.
  3. To make time for God, just God, one on one, Every. Single. Day.
3 fears:
  1. Drowning (I have this illogical fear of bodies of water like lakes and oceans. Especially oceans.)
  2. Something happening to The Man or my kids.
  3. Being lukewarm in my faith and passing that on to my children.
3 joys:
  1. Coffee.
  2. Comments on my blog.
  3. Observing my children finding joy in each other. This is not always the case, especially with the older ones, but when it happens it makes everything else seem worth it.
  4. Listening to my children pray.
  5. Coffee
  6. Singing with my preschoolers. With other people's preschoolers. With kids in general. I just love how carefree and uninhibited they are about moving and making music when they are little. I wish we could stay like that. Just break into song or dance whenever we feel like it. I do this occasionally. My older kids love it. (That was that sarcastic thing coming out again.)
  7. Every night when the kids go to bed and The Man and I spend time together just the two of us. I know that I am extraordinarily blessed in my marriage and I try to never take my happiness (or his) for granted.
  8. Oh, and coffee.
Yeah. That was more than 3 joys. I'm a rebel like that.


painted maypole said...

when you are "joy in chaos" it is only right that you list more than 3 joys.

and I may never be able to chew gum again.

Laurel Wreath said...

I enjoyed reading this!! Love the coffee too =)) The chewing gum thing make me laugh, my father in law is like that.

Have a great Friday.

erin k said...

There is a lady around here who makes bags (hand bags, diaper bags, laptop bags, you name it) out of old seat belts. Very cool (but pricey).

the dragonfly said...

I've always liked gum...but suddenly I'm seeing it in a different light. :)

amy said...

Joy, your posts always make me smile, and I'm happy to report I've recently shared you with someone new who is now a big fan! =)

Lori said...

I don't think "quiet" is a requirement of a Godly woman. Think where God's people would be if Esther had decided to keep her mouth shut!

I love your joys and I share your fears.

Beck said...

Way to ruin gum for me, Joy!
We have the same obsessions, I think....

Kyla said...

I love chewing gum! But if I ever meet you, I'll politely swallow it immediately. ;)

Oh, the online community addictions! Me, too. Me, too.

And coffee should be on the joy list twice, for sure.

*pab said...

hey - where's your facebook profile? i'm on there, too. :)

Heather :) said...

It's been so long since I have been on here. First of all... I can't believe Allison is 12!!!! She is beautiful (duh, look at her mom) and I love her hair that length!
Secondly... I would have chosen B. It's fun and flirty and sassy! :) So, I say change it in a couple of weeks!
Next... it is great seeing you and Shane on here. It's been too long since it's been in person. Your relationship really is inspiring! :)
Oh And... maybe the temperment is in the name! ;)
Finally...I totally know what you mean watching your children enjoy each other's company. Priceless! Never knew that about the food or gum. And I am right there w/ ya on wanting to spend more one on one time with God and never wanting to be luke warm especially when my kids are watching!

Lisa writes... said...

Coffee!!! Truly one of life's greatest joys, indeed!