Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Suburbian Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a little princess. She was beautiful and sassy and, as princesses tend to be, accustomed to getting her way. The princess' mommy - whom I suppose would be the Queen despite long ago abdicating all authority to the princess - dressed her in a lovely dress and matching hat for her afternoon play.

(The Queen wanted to take pictures of the princess in this particular outfit because her sister-in-law and niece had given it to her months ago and she had been shamefully remiss in thanking them.)

The princess' afternoon started off well. She was aware she looked particularly beautiful in her finery and she strutted about the yard showing off to anyone fortunate enough to be in her presence.

But then, something across the yard caught the princess' eye.

It was a handsome knight upon a steed of many colors. The knight was wearing his own hat which she immediately deemed superior to her own.

The princess let her will be known.


And the knight, being kind of heart and gentle in spirit (and more than a little afraid of the wrath of the princess) dismounted from his steed and gave his helmet to the princess.

The princess was immediately happy at having her demands met and resumed her deceptively sweet and adorable demeanor as she attempted to don the helmet.

Upside down.

After which, she also confiscated the knight's steed for herself.

For five minutes. Until she, also in the manner of all princesses, changed her mind and decided she didn't really want the helmet or the steed at all and went off to find something else to do.

The end.

(Thanks Aunt Lynn & Taylor for the lovely outfit. We love it and she wears it all the time!)


Despite the silly nature of this post, my heart is heavy with worries about all those in Gustav's path. I am praying fervently for you and hope the morning will find you all safe.


Kyla said...

Hahaha! Just like a princess. We have one here, too. LOL.

flutter said...

omg she is so adorable~

Lynn Stallworth said...

Awww, she looks adorable! She's like me. I like getting fancied up every once and awhile, but I strip it off as soon as the "fun smell" wears off!

Mommy P said...

Oh how you make me laugh!! You are so talentend. I've finally found sometime to catch up on your blogs...and LOVE them all!! I especially love the pic of you and Allie circa 1999! How beautiful!!

Have a great week!!!

Chrissy said...

That hat is fantastic! I love that Ben gave her the bike, too. What a gentleman. Cute post!

Sister K said... should write children's books or hallmark cards :)

the dragonfly said...

The picture of the princess letting her will be known is priceless. :)

Beck said...

I see that your princess and mine let their wills be known in similar ways. Heh.
SO cute!

Kandy Gibson said...

Such a beautiful little princess! Such an adorable sweet little knight! What a great story. Thanks so much for sharing. (I wouldn't know about little princess's. I enjoy catching up with yours.)

spaz said...

What a funny story! Too cute!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I just found your blog, and I have to say it is precious! Your princess sure knows what she wants. :) Funny how the entire set of "princess attire" never lasts the entire little one peels hers off bit by bit, too.