Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm taking a break now. I swear.

I am supposed to be on a blogging break. Which, ironically, I am finding difficult despite the fact that I could barely find a minute to blog prior to declaring the need for time off. Apparently, the best cure for lack of blogging time or inspiration is to swear off blogging. I was immediately besieged with things I felt I must share with the Internets.

For example, I discovered, while back to school shopping with Allie on Friday, that my mall now has one of these stores. Honestly, I got so excited just walking by it, I almost couldn't contain myself. And I nearly came home and wrote an ode to my make-up fetish, and specifically my 5 year long obsession with all things Bare Escentuals. But I didn't.

At least not until now.

However, this week really will be terribly busy and I doubt I will get another post in until I return from my anniversary mini-vacation with The Man. (Although I can't swear another pressing topic like mineral make-up or work-out wardrobe malfunctions won't arise.)

I am proud to say, I am making great progress on the house cleaning front. My mother-in-law will actually be able to find my bed now without tripping on a single thing. Even in the dark! I am sure this news comes as a great relief to her.

So I leave you now with pictures of the Weekids and their cousins at the pool this week. It is a joy to know that while we have have accomplished nothing else this summer, we managed to get Ben happily off the steps and into the pool.
Praise God for water wings.
Next summer, we'll work on Clara.


Chrissy said...

Love those swimming pictures. Last week for the first time, I had all three of my kids swimming in the pool floatie-free. Katie is still pretty tenuous, and I kept having to stop my conversation with my friend to make sure she was okay in there. I kind of miss the water wings now.

I hope your trip goes well.

karen said...

Clara always looks so mischievous and wise...and I can never decide if that's a good sign or trouble. :) Looks like the pool was a lot of fun!

Kyla said...

Yay Ben! KayTar just loves the water. I think it physically levels the playing field for her.

Enjoy your break!

Kathryn said...

Yay for a clean house! I always get so excited when my house is perfectly clean. But with three boys it never stays that way very long. *sigh*

Those pics are adorable!

Beck said...

Look at your cute wittle swimmers! Aaaaaaw!

Lisa writes... said...

What cuties!

So, you like Bare Escentuals or what? I've tried the drug store brand minerals (I know, I know) but haven't been too impressed. Maybe my skin's too dry? Or I'm too cheap?

the dragonfly said...

Just looking at the pictures makes me want to go swimming! They are so cute, and look like they're having a blast. :)