Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy September

This week Ben, Clara and I all started preschool. Ben's first day was Tuesday and to say he was excited wouldn't really cover the -I have to wake up at the crack of dawn and put on my backpack and wait and whine and wait - fervor we had going on around here.

This was his third year at the same small Baptist preschool and he walked in like he owned the place. This will be his last year before he starts kindergarten. I feel blessed that he has been able to transition into elementary school these last few years in such a wonderful God-filled environment.

Clara, however, went into hysterics the moment Ben got out of the car and left her behind. Her heartbreaking screams of "Want Boo Boo! Want Boo Boo!" brought me to tears. It took me a full thirty minutes, and some serious diversion bribes, after we got home to get her to stop crying.

The next day went better. Clara started in her own 2-year-old class two mornings a week. And I started working in a 3-year-old class those same mornings. Clara wasn't really into the whole picture taking thing though.

She was much happier to run around with her brother.

Her brother was just happy that his mama actually made it out to the store and bought him a new back to school outfit. Something she didn't get around to before his first day. Poor #3 child.
Clara did great on her first day of preschool. My stomach was in knots all day worrying about her but she didn't seem to miss me at all. Her class and mine shared the playground and I expected her to melt down when she saw me. But, nope, she just said "Hi MOMMY!" excitedly and went back to playing.

Is it wrong that I wanted her to miss me as much as she missed her brother?

Here she is playing in the housekeeping center in my class.

The start of school this year has been a little hard for me. All my kids are doing great and are happier in their new structured schedules. Clara and I - once she gets over her screaming - are actually enjoying a little one-on-one time. She's so different without Ben to torture play with.

But the insanity of overfull schedules and too much time in the van has descended upon us as it does each September. And I know that it will not abate for the next four months. That the sports and lessons and back-to-school meetings of the fall will morph right into the even greater busyness of The Holidays. And before I know it I will have lost another whole season.

And these days, right now, with my littlest ones so excited to be learning letters and colors, days of the week and Bible Songs, feel exquisite and fleeting. And tonight as I was sitting with my family at our weekly Friday night dinner, looking at my rowdy, happy family around me I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. And I just hope I can remember when the stress of life settles around me, to stop and find time to bask in these moments. Before they slip away and I wish I had.

Happy September my friends. I have a beautiful life. May I never forget it.


karen said...

Looks like their school days are off to a good start! We've also descended into hectic fall schedules here and I am similarly hoping to keep the good vibes going (or at least a clear memory) to carry us through to the holidays. We're doing well so far...I hope it holds!

painted maypole said...

getting teary over here...

first days of school are always the beginning of new eras

how are YOU liking teaching?

Kyla said...

You do have a beautiful life.

You described September so well. It is so suddenly full of busyness and then BAM! it is holiday time. Crazy, but true.

Your WeeKids are just so adorable, Joy. So, so cute.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I totally relate to that sentiment. I've been having similar thoughts the last few days.

I have NO IDEA how I haven't stumbled across your blog before. We run in the same bloggy circles, if you will. I came via the link over at 5 Minutes for Parenting today, and I've had all kinds of fun reading other posts.

shay said...

He is so darling in his new backpack!

I'm not sure how you do it! My hat is off to you. My oldest just went this year and it's a bit crazy just having one go. (i'm a homeschooler so he's 13 - a bit different BUT strangely enough he also got up and put on his backpack lol)

They are both lovely in their new duds:)

spaz said...

Praise be to God for settling our thoughts and stilling our souls so we can soak in all that He has blessed us with!

the dragonfly said...

They are so cute in their back-to-school wear. :) I'm glad it's going well for the kids. How is teaching going?

Chrissy said...

Yes, I too am in that sighing mood for the start of the year. It's such a jerky ride. Tommy loves school, but is so exhausted he is having tantrums pretty much every afternoon, so that just adds to the fun.

Love the pictures of the kids. They are just as cute as they can be.

Lynn Stallworth said...

I love Ben's "shazamm" stance in the first photos. Clara looks like she's coveting those cool shoes just like she did that big wheel and helmet of Ben's. Her dress is adorable!

Rebekah said...

That is so sweet! My two-year-old misses her "brubbies" when they go off to school in the morning, too. It does break your heart, doesn't it?

Thanks for the beautiful life reminder, too.....I need to remind myself, also, when things get a little hectic.

Lisa writes... said...

Like you, I'm struggling with Too Much Time In The Suburban syndrome as well...and wanting to savor this season...