Monday, September 29, 2008

Status Report - October.

My friend Lisa does these status reports at her place when she is struggling with what to write. I have no idea if this idea originated with her as I have seen it on other blogs as well. Either way, I'm filching it, and it's not even Friday. My problem isn't so much not having anything to say, as having time to say it. Or at least to say it well. Assuming that's something I ever actually accomplish. So here goes,

I'm: the desk in our dining room. Which, as it is the location of our only computer, is not surprising. (There is talk of Santa bringing me a laptop though. Then I could start blogging any old place. The living room. The kitchen. Maybe even the bedroom. Shocking.)

Smelling...The chicken pesto pizza we had for dinner. I think we have had this once a week for all of September. It's just so easy and Ben and Clara love to help make it. There is something about watching Ben meticulously place each piece of chicken while Clara just piles on the cheese into little mozzarella mountains that feels like what motherhood is actually supposed to be about. But so seldom is.

To squeals of laughter as Brandon wrestles with the Weekids in the other room. Brandon (poor kid) is grounded again. The positive aspect of this is he spends a lot of time hanging out with his younger siblings. Resulting in me actually having time to write this post.

Diet coke which will magically turn into chardonnay when The Man gets off work in 30 minutes.

Reading...The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I'll withhold my official review until I finish it but so far I'm impressed. While eerie and compelling in it's own right, I think it's biggest appeal may be the way it pays tributes to classics. Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations... A book for those who love books.

Also reading...Prayer, Does It Make a Difference? by Phillip Yancey. Not too far into this one yet.

Also Reading...Little Women. I am actually reading this aloud to Allie. I try to read the classics to her because they move so much more slowly than contemporary fiction that I'm not sure she would finish them without me. In a world of young adult books such as Twilight, The Uglies, and Aragon I fear she's growing up with a very short literary attention span. Classic literature may never be her thing, but it won't be for lack of trying on my part.

Loving...That fall has brought Pumpkin Spice Lattes back into my life.

Dreading...The Holidays. I saw Christmas decorations at Cosco today and my blood pressure immediately started climbing.

Eagerly anticipating....Heroes! I have last week's premier and this week's episode on DVR and the moment the kids are their beds I am climbing into my own for a Heroes marathon. So excited! I am also pretty excited that Iron Man came out on DVD this week because I missed it in the theater. I'm such a dork.

Worrying...way too much. This thing with the bailout and the stock market is making me so nauseous I had to keep the news off today. I'm wondering WHY we are still out of gas everywhere. The election mess. The economy is affecting everyone. The Man is barraged with calls from customers he put with AIG. Even my job just changed due to low enrollment at the preschool. I had to say goodbye to my 3-year-olds today (Sad!) and I am now working with babies in mother's morning out. It also means Clara is changing days and classes. And now I have to worry if the Hadron Collider is going to end the world. (OK, I'm not actually worried about that because of, well, you know...Jesus.)

Wishing...that I could convince Brandon to learn from my mistakes instead of making his own.

Also wishing...that I could guard Allie's heart from ever again feeling the ache of rejection.

Praying...a lot.

Grateful...for so much, I have a beautiful life. But right now, especially for my husband who works really, really hard yet still can't wait to get off work every night and play his games with Ben before he goes to bed. And who never complains about messy houses, or empty sock drawers, or missed appointments, or pounds I just can't get off, or two much time on the computer. God Bless Him.

Sharing...This silly The Office/Veggie Tales video that made me smile!

Sigh. I heart Jim and Pam.


Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I enjoyed that so very much. It is probably the best organized random post I've ever read. I did that not long ago and called it a brain dump, eloquent, eh?

I always enjoy stopping by your blog.

Kyla said...

Great post. Sometimes one line of thinking is stifling. Snippets on all fronts can be a very good thing.

I'm not watching/listening/reading any news right now either. Things will happen as they happen, whether I give myself an ulcer or not, ya know?

Wendy said...

I have been forcing myself to quit reading the news as it just makes me SO MAD! I'm not really worrying about it, as I have learned (finally) not to worry about things I have no control over. It makes for a much more peaceful life.

I'm sorry you're dreading the holidays! (The video made me smile, too.)

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I'm congratulating...YOU!

You won the $50 gift certificate for Tiny Prints on my blog!


painted maypole said...

this was a fun way to do a post, and I have to say, when I heard about the collider trying to recreate the big bang, all I could think was "and WHY would anyone think this was a good idea??"

Lori said...

That IS a lot to be thinking about. Thank goodness you wrote it down. Now I am hoping you can let some of it go and relax. :)

Stop watching the news. You will be so much happier.

I once read someone say that grounding is the perfect punishment for teenagers because when they are running amuck what they most need is to become "grounded" again. Time spent playing with his little brother and sister is probably just what he needs, whether he knows it or not.

the dragonfly said...'ve got a lot on your mind! The video made me smile...I so love VeggieTales...and Pam and Jim are just so cute..

Christine said...

joy--i loved your update! i am glad to hear about you whenever i can, but i can feel your sadness, your stress and i wish i could help somewhow.

i should try the status posts, too, as my blog SUCKS these days. i am finally getting the urge to write again and have all of these ideas but...i don't know. i freeze up when i see that "new post" screen. i have no idea what is wrong with me.

and i love jim and pam! i think i get all giddy b/c my husband and i met at work and there was lots of flirting and such before we got together and now here we are. i'm living the "ever after."

nutmeg said...

I'm so filching this!

Bea said...

We watched Iron Man last night (on Blue Ray! hubby's birthday present). It was good - all because of Robert Downey Jr. And that video? Awesome.

Lisa writes... said...

Love the status report, LOVE little women and DREAD the holidays with a passion!

Kathryn said...

I love these types of posts.

What a dear hubby you have. And you are such a dear for taking note. :)

Oh Jim and Pam.

Andrea said...

I LOVED The Thirteenth Tale. I also enjoyed this post!

Beck said...

Lovely! I thought the Thirteenth Tale was pretty dandy - I think I got it for Christmas last year.