Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A day with Ben

"Mommy! Cwara has milk on her head!"
"Ben, Why does Clara have milk on her head?"
"I poured it on her"


"Mommy, does your wip have a boo-boo?"
"Yes Ben, mommy's lip is hurt."
"Me did it wif my head?"
"Yes Ben, with your head."
"I'm sorry"
"I know Ben, it's okay."


"Mom! Dere's poop on the fwoor!"
"Ben, Why is there poop on the floor!!??"
"It fell out of my bottom"


"Ben! Why is there a toothbrush in the toilet!?"
"Cwara did it"
"Yes, I towd her how"


"Mommy, I wub you"
"I love you too, Ben"
"I need to snuggle witchu"
"Okay Ben, let's snuggle"


Lori said...

Thank you for giving me a smile that I can now take to bed with me. What a happy (and funny) way to end my day!

Christine said...

dude, i gotta stop reading blogs this morning. they are making me all choked up today. i need some chocolate. . .

adorable boy. just wonderful--poop and all!

Beck said...

He's such a sweet guy - and honest, too!

Don and Lynn said...

Mischief and sweetness rolled into one. THAT is what little boys are made of!

painted maypole said...

love the poop on the floor conversation! ;)

Michael & Catherine said...

How cute Ben is! It is hilarious what children say and do! Thanks for sharing some very cute conversations!

erin k said...

poor Cwara, always taking the blame.

slouching mom said...

i love how the poop just spontaneously fell out.

Lawyer Mama said...


karen said...

can't comment! laughing too hard!

Kyla said...

Oh, he's a character, isn't he?! Too cute!