Saturday, June 9, 2007



A little voice calls out to me through white plastic speakers, jolting me out of sleep. I stumble out of bed with a fuzzy brain and bleary eyes into my kitchen. I look grumpily at dishes from last nights dinner. I pour milk in slow motion and wait with hazy impatience on my coffee.

"Mommeee, I'm awake! Can you heeeaar me?" Louder now. Slightly annoyed.

I shuffle down the hall and open the door, locked against night time wanderings, to see his tussled hair and pink, creased face looking up at me.

"Hi Mom. I had a nice sweep."

He walks purposely out of the room and climbs onto the couch. I sit beside him, pull him into my lap and wrap a blanket around us. We sit, Ben & I, in our sleeping shirts, our bare legs tangled together under the fuzzy blanket. Silently, we sip coffee out of an oversized mug and milk from a sippy-cup.

"Cozy", he sighs in content.

I nuzzle my nose into his hair, and kiss his neck, trying to memorize the feel and the scent of him. This is my favorite time of day: cuddled with Ben in quiet love, before the boy in him takes over and he goes off to find adventure in the day.


Christine said...

This was so beautifully written. i can just feel that warm coffee and warm, pink cheek. Sounds like a wonderful moment.

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

We all wear "sleeping shirts" too!

slouching mom said...


Did he really say that?

Incredible, and so intuitive.

Spot on, Ben!

Joy, of course! said...

Yes, SM. He said that. He always says it, and that's what inspired the post. It always makes me melt and I didn't want to forget.

Spice Girl said...

Will has taken to waking at 6, calling out, "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!" and since he can't get out of the bed by himself (that's sarcasm, not reality), and MUST have MOMMY, I get up with him, then he comes back to bed with me with a request: "Snuggle?"

Yes, love, let's snuggle.