Wednesday, February 6, 2008

To the Rescue

For the past six months or so, Ben has had a fixation with firemen. He talks frequently of being a fireman "when he grows up" and "fighting fires with a hose." In fact, during our last cold spell he decided to get a head start with the help of his Halloween costume.

But then, this morning we had this conversation.

Ben: Mom, when I grow up I am going to be a good fireman.

Me: That's great Ben." I replied with sleepy enthusiasm.

Ben: And fight all the bad firemans with water

Me: Oh. Hmmm, well all firemen are good Ben, they help people.

Ben: Oh. They just fight with fire.

Me: Uhhh, yes, they fight fire. They spray it with water and put it out. And they help people when they are stuck or hurt.

Ben sits quietly for a moment, contemplating.

: Okay, but they could still fight with Spiderman, right?


So... who wants to tell Ben that firemen, while indeed heroes, are not of the Super variety?

For another funny, but not nearly as appropriate, outburst from Ben, visit me at Worst Mama today.


Chrissy said...

He is so cute. I have a pair of firefighter boots that would fit him perfectly, worn every day for a year when Tommy was that age.

Kyla said...

That last photo is GREAT! He's like "What? Anyone could have made that mistake!"

So cute. Little boys are so fun.

PJ said...

How wonderful! Isn't it great to discover just what is in their world? His obviously has firemen fighting other firemen with water hoses -- and he's the SUPER fireman who gets all the bad ones.

Really cute kids!! (Love the Butt Yogurt comment!)

karen said...

I don't think I'd tell him the whole not-super bit. Sooner or later (hopefully later) he'll figure it out on his own...probably around the time Spidey ties Ben up with his own firehose.

Lori said...

Awww.... let him keep thinking Spiderman and firemen are all one in the same. He'll figure it out, unfortunately, all on his own.

He looks like a little hero to me!!

the dragonfly said...

My grandpa was a fireman. He died about eight years ago, long before the Little Mister was born, but whenever I put fireman outfits etc. on him I tell him about his grandpa. Kind of special to me.

But I just love that he thinks firemen are superheroes! :)