Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day.

So yesterday was Valentine's Day. This day does not fall heavily on the Chaotic Household's calendar. Lately, I had rolled around the idea that I should be more like Beck and Ginger. Making each holiday special for my children. Depositing a coin into their treasure chest of memories, so to speak. I should make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and home-made Valentine's for Ben's class.

And then I woke up. This is me we are talking about here.

We celebrated Valentine's day by finally getting the boxes of Christmas decorations back up in the attic. Nothing like a holiday in mid-February to remind us that the red and green bins still sitting in the hallway have been there too long. That's classiness for ya right there. I also mopped my floors. Which is to say I mopped the whole upstairs level of our home. Something else I had been planning on doing for at least a month. It became apparent it might be past time when I asked Brandon why he had gone outside without shoes on as now the bottom of his feet were black. He proclaimed indignantly that he had not left the kitchen. It was, in fact, only 9:00AM. Ahem. Praise God for badly in need of refinishing rustic hardwoods and their ability to conceal dirt.

And then, after that, because I wasn't feeling well (darn polyp) I took a nap. And, lest you think I boycotted the holiday completely I did give each of my children a small Valentine's treat and I sent Ben to school with his requisite bag of store bought Valentines. Power Rangers for those of you who care. Ben has never seen Power Rangers but, like Spiderman, is certain they are cool beyond measure. He also pretends to be a Power Ranger which just seems to involve standing with either a leg or an arm jutting out in a weird angle.

I also decided that in the spirit of my abandoned diet the holiday to make a special treat after dinner. I made brownies (from a box-sorry Beck) and attempted to cut them into heart shapes to make Valentine brownie sundaes. It didn't work and we ended up eating little piles of brownie goop with a scoop of ice cream on top during our family devotional.

While we were sitting there, eating my masterpiece, I declared, "I mopped the floors today."

"Wow, impressive." The Man declared enthusiastically.

"These brownies were supposed to be shaped like hearts" I confessed.

"Still taste good like this", Brandon mumbled with his mouth full.

"Mom gave me gummie worms for Valentine's Day!" Allison bragged happily.

And therein lies the key to a Happy Holiday in the Chaotic Household:

Low Expectations.


Veronica Mitchell said...

You make me feel better. The last of our Christmas decorations were only boxed today.

the dragonfly said...

We did absolutely nothing.

Okay, not *exactly* true. Last week the Little Mister and I made (aka I made and he watched) a butterfly Valentine for the Sergeant.

And then I took pictures of the Little Mister with an "I", a heart, and a "U", and posted them on my blog.

And that's it.


karen said...

Yay for me:

I helped the kids make 44 valentines for school, using old manila folders and glitter glue! This partially makes up for last year, when we forgot to do Valentines at all and got a note from the teacher allowing us to repent and send in Valentines at the end of the week. I was actually irked that we had to make up the assignment - even the great sale on Batman Valentines did little to ease my ire.

At least one child made a card for each set of grandparents. They were supposed to each sign both cards but it didn't come out that way. By not trying to make things work out according to my original plan, I was able to get the cards into the mailbox on time!

Yay for you:

My Christmas decorations are mainly still up. Some of them have been up since December 2006. I forgot to take them down for so long that it seemed silly; I'd only have to get them right back out again. Some people (who live in my house) have started to notice that not every house has stockings on the mantle all year long. Who decided that kids should be all observant and stuff?

You've figured out the secret to the Power Rangers! There's really not much more to it than the weird limb jut. For flavor, he might consider shouting about energy conservation now and then.

Spice Girl said...

Hah. V-day was underwhelming here at the Ginger Bread House. Mostly because I have a paper due on Mon, a talk to give in church on Sun, an online forum discussion to lead Mon, suggestions of Budapest in the air, and in-laws who asked to visit this weekend.

The funny thing is that it barely even crossed my mind that I should have my boys MAKE valentines. I asked them if they wanted to, but they said no, so I happily went out to Rite Aid and bought a box of Ratatouille cards, thrilled that one box covered the needs of both boys.

And then the valentine's bags and boxes came home from school, and there's me, surreptitiously checking through to see if anyone else, anyone at all, just sent in a store-bought card with nothing else attached--no other stickers, tattoos, pencils, candies... So much for the holidays. :)

Beck said...

You're a good mama. I found some Christmas decorations in my kitchen IN PLAIN VIEW that I forgot to take down yesterday.

Kyla said...

Hey! We have low expectations, too! I knew I liked you guys.

Sarah said...

I'm just so glad to hear that I am not the only one with bins of Christmas decorations still out. Take comfort in that there is at least one person who has less class then you :) My bins are still in the hallway.

PJ said...

Sounds happy to me. Joyful, actually. I took my Granddaughters to a little cafe where they were given very special little stuffed bears -- and hot chocolate with LOTS of whipped cream. Then had chocolate covered strawberries sent to my hubby at work....the homemade stuff makes me too tired to think.

I'm all for the simple life -- anyway it comes!!!

Carrien said...

thanks for the belly laugh. :)

Amanda said...

Or the clarity of realizing mom really is pretty special.

Chrissy said...

Hey, don't sell yourself short, you baked, cleaned, and had family devotions - all in the same day!

Our decorations just got shoved in the attic this past week, after we've tripped over the boxes in the hall for the last month and a half. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

painted maypole said...

i find low expectations are the key to happiness in many situations.

Lisa writes... said...

Low expectations? How about NO expectations? Valentine's Day is just another day around here...except for my youngest two who were in charge of doing their own Valentine's this year. Next year I'll be down to only one child celebrating! Woo hoo!

Yep, I'm the Valentine grinch as well.

And not ashamed to admit it.