Sunday, February 3, 2008

A This and That Update

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words on my "This and That" post. It really is amazing to me how sweet a bunch of people I have never met can be. This promises to be another long and newsy post, but at least my mental state has greatly improved in the last week. It doesn't hurt that The Man is back at home. Where he belongs. He declined an offer to hang out with a friend of his this afternoon, saying "I watch the kids on Sunday afternoons so Joy can take a nap."

Really, what more can one ask for in a man?

Clara's neuro evaluation is this Thursday. I am more convinced than ever that this a superfluous precaution. Clara seems to take steps perfectly fine when she feels like it. However, I can't seem to bring myself to cancel the appointment, so I will go and pay to listen to them tell me what I already know: She's stubborn. It also appears to be the only way to get a referral for an orthopedist which is something I think she may need. I think that some days. Other days she seems perfectly fine and I think this entire process is a big waste of time and money.

Oh, and here are a couple pictures from her 18 month portraits. Look how sweet she looks.

And then there is this next picture, which is a personal favorite of mine. You really should click on it so you can get an close-up view of the look of superior annoyance Clara shoots at us daily.

Moving on...

I spoke to my doctor about my silly little polyp and it was determined I need to have a DNC Hysteroscopy to remove it. This is excellent news and exactly what I was praying for. It is a simple outpatient procedure that should, hopefully, correct all the problems I have been having. I am waiting for the surgical coordinator to call me to schedule it, but I would have it done tomorrow if I could.

About one hour after I posted the news that Ben was finally potty trained he had an accident. Seriously, ONE HOUR! And he's had two since then, after being dry for weeks. So I am vowing to never utter, or write, those words again. Well maybe when he's ten. Maybe.

Brandon is still grounded. This weekend he read the entire book Odd Thomas, which he loved, despite the fact that it was recommended by his mother. I did let him go to a superbowl party tonight at his uncle's house. Because he has been stuck in this house for a month now and I worry about him. And because it meant I would have time alone.

To do this.

Oh! I must tell you. Surprisingly, I am still an active member of the 6:oo AM club, and I am loving it. Me! With the nonexistent willpower muscles. Okay, I don't actually love it at 6AM but somewhere around 7AM the benefits start kicking in. My mornings are going so much more smoothly now that I get up an hour before my children. Also starting the day with prayer and in The Word has been pivotal in the improved mental state I mentioned earlier.

The only major downfall I have experienced is that I now really need to be asleep by 11:00. Which, when my husband doesn't get off work until 9:00 and my older kids don't go to bed until 10:00, is extremely difficult. It also means less time with The Man, which neither one of us likes. And it means almost no time for blogging. I don't do the 6AM thing on weekends for that reason. So I can stay up later and hang out with my sweetheart. So far, I think the trade off is worth it.

And lastly - speaking of weak willpower muscles - we'll touch on the dreaded diet. I am sure you were all beside yourself wondering how I was doing with that! In the last couple weeks I have fallen head first, crashing, off of the diet wagon. I am finally ready to regroup though and start again, a measly 5 lbs lighter and the exact same size as I was at this point last month.

Dieting sucks. That's just all there is to it.

But I am not giving up yet, so look forward to more "Diet Myth" posts coming up soon. I know you can't wait.

And now that I have bored you all to tears with my life details, I am off to bed. I hope to find a way to get back to posting regularly soon. I would love to know how all of you, especially those with young children, find time to fit it in your schedule. So send me some tips.

Do you have a schedule?
Do you just squeeze it in when you have time?
Do you not sleep?
Do you lock your children in a closet?

I'm open for anything.


painted maypole said...

thanks for the updates. and 5 pounds in a month is actually quite good. give yourself some credit.

(by the way... 2 posts back, my cyber-lovin post... sends a big kiss your way, I think you may have missed it, which is fine, I know how it is, but I thought you would want to know...) ;)

Chaotic Joy said...

Thanks Maypole! I actually did see it and it made my day. I have my own "Cyber lovin" post started and will be appreciating and sharing the love later this week. You're a sweetie. Happy Mardi Gras!

slouching mom said...

Good to hear from you. And Clara's photos are delicious! Especially the one with the irritated look, LOL.

I'm glad the hysteroscopy is the treatment of choice for you. I had hoped for one for myself, but my fibroid is too high up, and too big. Or something like that. But it will be nice for you to get this resolved, no?


Amy Wyatt said...

I was wondering when you would be back. I have been praying for you knowing that you had a lot going on. Missed seeing you at choir tonight. Loved the pics.

mamatutwo said...

Ooooh, oooooh, I really want to know how you and other mommies make time for it all, too! I so want to get up an hour earlier than my kiddos, but same thing...hubby comes home late, hard to have time together and get it all in. My house right now, sheesh!:)

Lori said...

Wow, so much to say here.

Clara is adorable and I am sure the appointment is unnecessary, but I am glad you are sticking with it for your own peace of mind. She'll probably walk right out of the office with that same look on her face that she has in the photo. I can almost hear her thinking, "You people."

I'm super glad you got the answer you wanted from the doctor and will be praying that all goes smoothly.

So impressed you are sticking with the 6am club. Good for you! I can see how that would make the morning go so much better. I really should try it...

As I said before, it sounds like Brandon is getting just what he needs. Heavy doses of home and family and learning to entertain himself with a good book. I am praying that his grounding will do exactly that- that it will ground him in the things that are truly worthwhile.

I hear you on the ups and downs of weight loss. I still have 12 lbs. to go and progress has been slow...

I squeeze in blogging when I can. My only advantages are that I am a fast typist and I usually have my posts written out in my head before I start to type. I can whip 'em out pretty fast (and I'm sure they sound that way sometimes!)

Missed you!

the dragonfly said...

I'm quite impressed by the 6:00 AM club! After the Sergeant deploys I'm going to try to get on a schedule (always in bed by X, set my alarm for Y, etc). I'm thinking 7:00, though...these days I usually get up at nine (I'm so blessed to have a fantastic sleeper!), so seven would be a big step for me. :)

Thanks for the update...and love the pictures. :)

Chrissy said...

Joy, I've been wanting to email you and bug you about your girlie appointment, so I'm glad you posted on it. That is such good news.

I've been attempting this get-up-early-eat-right-get-organized-New-Year's Marathon thing, and it ain't easy. Good for your 5 pounds and good for you for getting up early. You rock.

Laura said...

Hi Joy! I've been following your posts for months. Just wanted to post... would you like to "diet" without "dieting"? In the past couple years I did an online study called The Lord's Table at Its a 60 day study that teaches you to fill our needs with God instead of food. I loved it! In one year I lost 35 pounds! I'm due to pop out my second child any day now, and in a few months when I'm done nursing I am going to start up again to lose the baby weight. I was a mentor for the course if you have any questions.

Beck said...

I post as SOON as my kids are off to school - The Baby is happily playing/finishing breakfast and I normally have a good 20 minutes/half an hour to write. Then I try to leave it alone until lunchtime, when I write a bunch of comments - and again while my husband tucks the kids into bed. My big exception day is Monday when I do a TON of commenting while also doing all of the paperwork I need to do for the week.,

Kyla said...

I love the photos. She's a sweet little firecracker. Good luck at the neuro, I feel the same way you do about it. I think it will be just fine for Ms. Clara.

As for blogging, I do it first thing in the morning, after the boys leave and before KayTar wakes up. If I know we will have an early morning with KayTar, sometimes I do it after the kiddos are in bed while Josh plays video games.

Veronica Mitchell said...

We have a firm 8 pm bedtime and that's when I hit the computer. Also, naptime (like now).

By the way, I tagged you for meme, if you have time (ha!).

Carrien said...

sleep? What is this word? I don't know what this sleep you refer to is.

I suffer the exact same dilemma including the choice of morning vs husband. I keep choosing husband but it makes for lousy mornings.

Kudos for getting up at 6am. I would like to, but not enough to make it happen obviously.

Christine said...

i bet clara is fine, but it is always good to check.

and i am glad the procedure for the polyp is a simple one.

and i am with pm--5 pounds in a month is AWESOME! you can do it--really. if i can be where i am right now with my weight loss you can do it too. i bet overall you don't have much to loose.

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