Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alone and In Love

It's Sunday morning and my family went to church without me. My head is pounding but the truth, which I confessed to The Man, is I just desperately needed a couple hours alone. "I'm drowning in children," I said. "I just need to come up for air."

One of our pastors is doing a series on marriage. The wives took their medicine last week and today it's the husband's turn.

"Go without me, honey, and learn how to be a good husband already!" I said with a grin.

And then I chuckled at my joke as he cheerfully herded our four spit-shined children out the door and into the minivan.

That man should be teaching the class.


slouching mom said...

i hope you enjoy the down time. your guy sounds like a keeper.

Marit said...

the drowning in children is one of the reasons I work outside of the home! I hope you had a really good break!!

mandy said...


he's a keeper!

Kathryn said...

Wow! What a guy!
I once asked my hubby to take the boys to church with him while I was sick and he looked at me like I was nuts. He left the youngest home with me while he took the older two. I guess I'll take what I can get.
Hope you are feeling more relaxed. :)

Becoming Me said...

Just found your blog and I love your easy honesty. I will definitely return. I hope you had a nice few peaceful hours.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

"Drowing in children"...sorta how I've been feeling this summer :)

Hope you were able to be refreshed in that short time!

Lori said...

What a guy!!

I'm so glad you got a little down time. We all need that now and then.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

That was a great post. Hope you enjoyed your break.