Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Rambling - This Time with Bullets

  • Tomorrow is Clara's second birthday. Last year I wrote this post about her first birthday party experience. And, should you care to revisit it, you will understand why I have decided to forgo any such celebrations this year. The pictures are a bit heart-tugging though. It's mind blowing how much she has changed in the last year. She was still sweet then. Oh, I'm kidding. She's sweet now. You know, as long as the world is turning on the axis of her whims.

  • I went for a pedicure yesterday during the Weekids nap. I tend to go more for vampy red toenails than the classier natural or French that are popular these days. This time I decided to branch out a bit though and go for pink. A kind of pink - I realized two minutes after it was on my feet - that is really only suited for 8-year-old girls and their Barbie Dolls. So everywhere I went today I found myself hiding my feet. Because really, who could possibly take me seriously with toes like these? Yep. My tootsies are on the internet. It's a new highpoint for the blog I think. And yes, my skin really is that white. Year round. (Suddenly my affinity for hats has become clear to all.)

  • Our new cat Kelso has killed two mice in our basement family room this week. Glorious creature. (Kelso, not the dead mice) But I admit I am kind of creeped out by this. I can't help but wonder how many other rodents we are unknowingly sharing our home with. I also can't help but wonder why it is that The Man felt the need to put each of the deceased mice in Ziplock baggies and show them to me. Maybe it's like me, with my garish toenails. He thought I couldn't really appreciate the effect without a visual.

  • Leslie did a Tackle-it-Tuesday post today about organizing her children's messy bookshelves . I thought that was very ironic because Ben also organized his bookshelves today. His entire room in fact. And while we are on the theme...I have visual proof of this as well.

And now my children are in bed. And I have a date with my husband and a glass of wine to view some trashy reality television. Good stuff.


Darlene said...

I so need to go and get my toes done. I like the pink.


Chrissy said...

For a second there I thought you had posted a picture of Tommy's room. I can't count how many times I've organized it and a few days later it looks exactly like that again.

I love the bubblegum toes.

Anonymous said...

Our cats (outside cats) love to leave dead moles and birds at our doorstep.

I feel your pain over Ben's room. I wouldn't dare post a picture of my daughters' room right now. It's a disaster. She's such a pack-rat. But the bookshelf in her room is clean!!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Wow, your son organizes like my children do.

Kathryn said...

Wine, a date and trashy tv! Sounds glorious!

Christy said...

Just embrace the pink! It looks fantastic.

Gotta GROW with it said...

did those pink toes have bling bling decals on them? :o)

Spice Girl said...

I ALWAYS paint my toes that shade of pink. Except for when I paint them silver. :)


Lisa writes... said...

His room looks like my two youngest sons' room. Call me a coward, but usually I just close the door.

I like red toenails too, but I think the pink looks great! You can work it!