Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, it's Thursday. Day four of the stupid diet and I am still plugging along. I've been steadily packing on the weight for over a year now. Yet, somehow, some part of me thinks four lousy days of self-deprivation and workout videos should be enough to make me thin again. Because in Joy-World that would be the case. Of course in Joy-World there would be no calories in bread or cheese or New York Super Fudge Chunk and this whole paragraph would cease to exist.

A girl can dream.

I took the Weekids to a children's museum today. Clara was in one of her "I will not have fun and you can't make me" moods but Ben enjoyed himself. On the way there we had to stop the car to let twenty geese cross the road. Very slowly. After watching them pass, Ben asked matter of factly,

"Mom, when will I get my baby goose? They are very cute."

I snorted and said something like. "Um, never. Geese don't like to be pets. They like to be free to swim in the ponds." And take leisurely strolls across the road apparently.

"Oh" he responded. "Well, how about my flying car? When will I get that?"

I burst into laughter at his randomness. I was also a little impressed at his ability to assume the sale. There may be a future there.

"I don't think they make flying cars, Ben."

"Oh" he said again, and then sighed his disappointment. "Well, they should."

Apparently Ben-World involves flying cars. And pet geese. Not a bad dream either, I'd say. Well, maybe not the geese part. Geese are kind of mean.


slouching mom said...

I think I like Joy-World. And Ben-World, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

four days of self-deprivation and workout videos should be enough to make me thin again.


Oh, and I agree...they should make flying cars. Or not...the accidents would be even more horrific.

Madge said...

I have that same opinion about dieting. Why can't all that weight I've gained over the past few years go away after three days of dieting? Why??

Kyla said...

Can I live in Joy-World? I can't really ever make it passed day 4. It should be good enough, though!

Cori@SAHMbles said...

Geese are kind of mean especially when they have little ones around. I saw a poor woman being chased down the street the other day. It made me laugh though.

Oh I'm on the diet train too, I hate it. I always think I'm losing weight and I get on the scale and it's virtually the same as last time. Sigh.

Kandy Gibson said...

"Your over 30". It seems to be the magical age of a lost waistline. At least that is what the doctors said to me. I have been gaining more and more pounds since baby #3. Finally after viewing myself on video and recent photos, I'm on the weight loss wagon too. I feel for you, hang in there. Eat lots of fruit and carrots for snacks. You will feel much better. And not as hungry.
Ben's world is sooooooo cute!

Beck said...

Four days should be MORE then enough. You should be waifish and paperthin by now, in need of large helpings of somethign tasty.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Four days. That is impressive. I feel like if I deny myself chocolate for one day I should lose ten pounds.

painted maypole said...

in Painted Maypole world calories consumed on vacation would not count, and all clothes packed would still fit at the end of the 3 week vacation.

but, alas.

(I would love to have a flying car, but in no way would I like to have a pet goose)

Sister K said...

oh i miss the days of such innocent imagination!!! how wonderful! maybe he'd like the jetsons? lol..maybe he'll invent the flying car! ask him to draw the flying car he'd like to have...i'm curious to see what he comes up with!!!

slackermommy said...

Theres flying cars in my world too! And pet monkeys.

LMP said...

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Next, for your flying car enthusiast for you, in response to you kind links, I give you this: