Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do you guys know Lori? She went on a rant today that hit very close to home for this mom of two adolescents.

Thanks Lori. You're my hero.

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Lori said...

Nothing heroic in that rant, Joy... Just a fellow mom crying out from the trenches. Thanks though for your very sweet shout out. I want so much to believe that we can protect our kids from the real evils of the internet, but it is only going to work if all parents are doing their part.

If you haven't found her already, I really love author Vicki Courtney and her blog Virtue Alert. She also has a nice little book called Logged On and Tuned Out that is a good basic primer on all of the technology kids are using today, with recommendations on guidelines, rules, and ways to protect them from the dangers. I think of myself as a fairly tech savvy parents but even I get caught off guard by some of the "creative" ways these kids find to use the technology available to them.