Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry is coming today! (Revised)

To whom it may concern:

Today I am leaving for the afternoon to go work on scrapbooking Clara's babybook, and when I get back, Harry will be waiting on my doorstep. I am terribly excited. I am however, only halfway through re-reading book 6. So for the next few days, I will primarily be neglecting my children for Harry instead of for the blogosphere.

I would like to note, that since I will not be starting the new Harry Potter for a day or two, and I do have four children, and I am not the kind of person to read the last page first, that it may be a week, even, before I find out Harry's ultimate fate. If you spoil it for me: if you tell me who lives or dies, if Snape is bad or good or anything about the final outcome of our young friends, I will hunt you down and poor molasses on your head while you sleep.

Please consider yourself warned. Molasses can be very sticky and hard to get out of hair. It would also probably attract bugs.


I guess what I am really asking is, if you want to do a post about the last book, include something about Harry in the post title, so I (and anyone else) know not to read it until I have finished the book. Too bossy??
Pretty- pretty-please.

REVISED: I read Bub and Pie's comments about the Canadian covers and had to do some research to find out what she was talking about. Did you know the entire rest of the English Speaking world uses a different cover than the Schlolastic designed American one? Here are the two versions of the latest Harry Potter book.

The children's cover and the Adult Cover. So enlighten me someone: Why are there two different covers? Are the books any different?


Christine said...


i am apparently the only person in the world who hasn't read harry potter or is going to blogher.


enjoy your time with harry!

Spice Girl said...

Would you be surprised to know that in an MFA program in writing FOR CHILDREN there are many, many people who have not read Harry and will not read Harry.

Mind-boggling. :)

painted maypole said...

hear hear! It will take me a while to read it to, what with an out of town guest arriving as well, but I am getting started! Hooray!

bubandpie said...

I do like the American cover better than the Canadian one this time. Partly that's because all of the countdown-to-release-day hype featured that image (including the counter on my own blog), but also because the image itself is just stronger and simpler. (The Canadian one features Harry, Ron, and Hermione surrounded by all kinds of stuff. The only virtue of it, really, is that it's so colourful and busy that Bub spent about ten minutes gazing at it this afternoon while I just kept on reading.)

I did the same thing you did - I was out all morning and dreadfully worried that they wouldn't leave it, but when I got home, the screen door wasn't shut the whole way, so I knew it was there.

Joy, of course said...

Sigh-I didn't read any Harry Potter today. Not a page. Tomorrow's Sunday though, a great day for reading. So I am holding out hope.

Don and Lynn said...

If anyone is going to blog about what happens they need to put SPOILER in the title so people know not to read it. I don't want to find out what happens, either.

bubandpie said...

The one on the left is the standard edition, the one I have. The one on the right is the "adult" version, with less colourful colours for grown-ups who don't want to be caught reading a children's book in public.

karen said... if anyone seeing "J.K. Rowling" sprawled across the top won't know which book it is! Whether you've read the books or summarily ignored them, you probably can't help knowing who wrote them. Sheesh. :)

P.S. My copy is coming by private messenger. She was going to swing by first thing Saturday (bless her heart!) but I told her to wait until Monday, when she'll be in town anyhow. So, I won't spoil it for you if you don't spoil it for me!

Spice Girl said...

To answer your question about the covers, it's all a matter of marketing and who-controls-what. I think publishing houses, while linked together by name, have totally different offices in different countries with full editorial control over what goes on in each place.

When a book is sold to a pub., the agent (if the author has an agent) often will negotiate rights to publish in other English-speaking countries, as well as rights-to-publish in translation. So even though a book is bought by a publisher here doesn't necessarily mean that it'll see the light of day anywhere else.

And if it does get published elsewhere, it's likely the cover will be different, because it's being published by a different office, catering to a different audience. But don't quote me on this. :)