Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten Things Meme (By Guest Blogger...Allison)

Inspired by Christine's Ten Things Post I asked Allison to compile a list of ten things she liked about herself. I wanted to see what she wrote. I was sad to discover she really had trouble coming up with 10 things when I could so easily spout off 5o wonderful things about her. But after much consideration, this is her list, exactly as she typed it.

Ten things I like about me are:
  1. I have a great singing voice
  2. I'm good with animals
  3. I try hard in school
  4. I have nice skin
  5. I have pretty hair
  6. I have lots of nice friends
  7. I have a mom with good taste in clothes (-:
  8. I am a good speller, i was in the school Spelling Bee
  9. I love God, he's like a best friend to me. When i am down, he turns my frown upside-down. (-:
  10. Lastly, I am very intelligent.
I also asked Brandon if he would create a list of ten things he liked about himself and he said:
"There is no way I could narrow it down to just 10".
I am glad to see someone in this family has a healthy self-esteem.


slouching mom said...

I think her list is quite sweet!

Good on Allison!

(And of course Brandon, LOL.)

Lori said...

Well, even though it was hard for her to come up with a list, it is a very good one. Hopefully, it wasn't so much that she couldn't think of 10 good things, but maybe she is just already programmed into that female thing of not wanting to sound vain. Brandon, on the other hand, sounds quite male. :)

Kyla said...

I love it.

And Brandon's response is priceless in its own right. :)

Amanda said...

Sweet kids, mama, sweet kids.

I love that you asked her to participate. So lovely.

And thank you for linking to my post, made my day that much sweeter, it did.

Have a wonderful day dear friend!

Heather :) said...

That was awesome! You Go Allison!!

What a great idea to have Allison do the meme especially this time in her life when negative words can be pushed on us so unfairly & easily! We all need to remember the positive points about us too. Oh, and what she said about our Lord- priceless!

loved it!!

Beck said...

What a darling girl!
And the self-esteem of sturdy little boys is something to behold.

Christine said...

Allison is a wonderful wonderful young lady. I am so glad she did this. Please tell her "thanks" from me.