Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rock On!

So my new, old friend, Karen just nominated me for a Rockin Girl Blogger award.

I think that saying anything about me, a prudy mother-of-four, is rockin is very funny . Just ask my teenager. Especially if you take into consideration that Karen just watched me attempt to dance-it-up at a wedding we both attended. But still I appreciate the nod, the kind things she said about me, and the fun pink (my favorite color) BLING she gave me for my site.
I am now supposed to nominate other blogger-chics for the Rockin Girl Blogger award, but I am not gonna, rebel that I am. It's actually because I have just posted 2 memes in the last weeks and I am taking a break from chain blogging to keep me from being too annoying. Well to attempt it anyway. But if you feel you rock, please steal the button. You deserve it just for being kind enough to come here and read my posts.


Amanda said...

Well deserved!

slouching mom said...

You are rockin'. Don't believe a teenager, especially yours. ;)

thirtysomething said...

Rock on. From one mother of four to another, you SO deserve it just for that.

karen said...

Wait until your teenager is 30...then believe him.