Sunday, July 8, 2007

a special bond

Last night The Man had the night off parenting to go play poker with his friends. Since The Man is typically the one who supervises putting Ben and Clara to bed, our routines were a little off. After snuggling in bed for smooches and one more round of My Friend Rabbit, I turned off the light and slipped out Ben's door. A few minutes later, I heard Ben in his room crying. Wailing actually. I immediately hurried to his room, worried because he never cries at bedtime. When I got to his side and asked him what was wrong he responded, between sobs,

"I need my brudder!"

Apparently, I had forgotten the most important part of the bedtime routine: goodnight hugs from his big brother. I ran and told Brandon who jumped up, delighted to have been so passionately missed. And as I stood in the doorway and watched them embrace, my heart was overflowing with thanksgiving. For what a blessing it is to have two boys who are so profoundly in love, with each other.
Brandon and Ben, 2005


Lori said...

Don't you LOVE that!! That brought a tear to my eye. My daughter always has to make the hug rounds at bedtime too, and one of her favorite stall tactics is to cry for my oldest son saying she needs one more hug. Such a gift.

I love that picture!

Heather :) said...

WONDERFUL! I feel so happy that Brandon has that connection w/ Ben. I will pray that all throughout their lives they will carry that bond! That was so touching! I just loved it!

slouching mom said...


Sometimes I think -- no, I know -- that Jack needs Ben more than he needs us, his parents.

thirtysomething said...

How neat.I love the emotion they are showing in that picture--such excitement to see each other.
My boys also share that strong bond, although it is often a love/hate thing at their respective ages.

painted maypole said...

Fantastic. I will miss those sibling moments by having only one child.

karen said...

There's a lasting bond! I find that knowing my kids have got each other is joyous and comforting - Chris and I can't possibly have given them a better gift than each other.

Don and Lynn said...

Gosh, I must need coffee. I think I looked at that picture for 5 minutes before I realized that Ben was actually a baby in it-ROFL! I kept wondering what happened to all his hair. I think I need a second cup :o)