Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Sweetness

Look Mommy, I'm a goat!

Me: You're a goat?
Ben: Yes, I'm a scary goat!
Me: A ghost. You're a ghost?
Ben: Yes! A scary gho-sst!
Me: Ahhh. Well you are verry scary! (Exaggeratedly worried voice)

Ben: Oh! (peeking out from under his blanket) It's okay. I still love you, mommy.


slouching mom said...

Oh! That second photo is priceless!

thirtysomething said...

Love it! Cutie!

Christine said...

he is the scariest goat i have ever seen!

Kyla said...

Adorable! Cutest little goat--err, ghost, I've ever seen!

painted maypole said...

a goat would be scary to that ghost, as the goat would eat the blanket!

Beck said...

I'm actually more scared of goats. Goats are jerks.