Monday, November 10, 2008

Gratitude - Day 10 (A wandering mind)

Today I made chicken and rice in the crockpot. I love those crock pot liners they came out with in the last couple years, and yes, that's what I am thankful for. I think they are worthy of an award. It gives me great satisfaction to bundle up the nasty goop from the bottom of the pot and throw it all away. I use the slow cooker once a week now and I think it's partly because of not having to clean it. What can I say, I am a dirty dishes wimp. My daughter comes by it naturally.

It occurred to me today, as I was smoothing down my liner before throwing in chicken, that this is an incredibly simple concept that could be applied to other areas of my life. Like what about a liner for the bottom of my purse? I could remove the cell phone, wallet and umbrella and then pull out the liner to throw away the 67 receipts, cracker crumbs, used tissues, stray army men, straw wrappers and the half eaten sucker.


Or what about a liner to completely cover the floorboard of the car. Just like that... happy meal toys, 18 pieces of school/church/bible study artwork, french fries, gold fish, crayons from the Mexican restaurant, stray army men, empty water bottles and the dried milk from the spill last Friday.

You know what, I could even take this a step further and just line the entire inside of my house with plastic. Then when we pulled it up each week all the crunched up cheerios, dog hair, and sand tracked in from the sandbox would come with it. Oh, I am sure we'd loose some toys (stupid army men) hairbows and shoes, and an occasional ipod or pet in the process. But just imagine the benefits. I'd never vaccuum up another polly pocket or lego again. In fact, I don't think I'd even need a vaccuum. And I'm sure the kids would start picking up their stuff eventually, when they are down to one brown dress shoe and some coasters to play with.

So that's what I need. Disposable liners for the inside of my purse. And car. And house. So I can wad up all the left over trash and throw it away.

And, it seems, one for my brain as well. There is obviously a lot of stray trash in there. Like this whole ridiculous post.

Crockpot liners...that's what I am thankful for.


Wendy said...

Okay, I am really tired but I read your last line as "crackpot liners".

And I thought this post was inordinately hilarious. (I am going to bed now...) :)

karen said...

I am thankful for crockpot condoms, too! Especially in these last nine weeks without a sink. We've had chili, stew, and pot roast entirely because I could make them without a lot of pesky cleanup. I think my cupboard will never again be without a box of them - even after I get my nice big sink and fantabulous stove and extra oven and...and...

flutter said...

dinner at your house!!

Kyla said...

If I cooked, I'd be thankful for them too. LOL. I think the car liners are a primo idea. My car is perpetually a mess.

Lori said...

I don't know if my store carries crockpot liners but I am sure going to take a look! Sounds brilliant!

Now, could you please share some of your favorite crockpot recipes? I am always looking for good ones.

Chrissy said...

You are a funny funny lady.

thirtysomething said...

Oh, that is FUNNY. I want one of those! 'Cause it sounds like you have the same stuff floating around my house, and car, and purse as I do! I guess four kids'll do that to a formerly clean house, car, and purse....LOL.
Great post. Really made me laugh.

BY the way...I didn't actually know there was such a thing as crockpot liners. I use my slow cooker all the time, I love it, and I am going to look for these! Thanks Joy!

Sister K said...

LOLOLOL....excellent!!!! i decided to make cupcakes for a work friend's baby shower tonight for that very reason! minimal cleanup...and liners!!!!! LOLOLOL....i am thankful too :)