Saturday, November 1, 2008

30 Days of Thanks - Here we go again!

Last November I stumbled upon a NaBloPoMo thread, hosted by Boogiemum, focused on gratitude: 30 Days of Thanks. The description read:

“Why not take a few minutes everyday in the month of November and post a short blurb on something that you are thankful for? I did this last year for NaBloPoMo and found it very therapeutic and some great blogging material.

Let’s make Thanksgiving not just a one day celebration, but a whole month!”

I jumped on board immediately. What a wonderful idea! I can stop each day and focus on it's blessings. It's only five minutes after all.


This is what I wrote on November 30, 2007.
"What I am thankful for today: November is over! I have posted 36 posts in November. THIRTY-SIX. Talk about self-indulgent ridiculousness. And the idea that I would just be popping on to write a quick line of thanks. That was pure stupidity on my part. It's been a time sucking machine. So when next November comes, if I even think of participating in this daily posting thing, someone please shoot me. Seriously."
Well get our your guns, Internets, because I'm coming back for more. I have once again been drawn in by the lure of counting my blessings during what is, for me, a particularly stressful month. And what's more, I am challenging my friends to participate with me and post something they are thankful for each day in November.

And please don't use my tendency towards long-windedness as a deterrent. A one sentence post declaring your gratitude for pumpkin pie (because, who isn't grateful for pumpkin pie?) is perfectly acceptable.

Also, I started a day late last year and so I only did 29 days of thanks. So, I'm giving you my personal permission to get a late start. Which carries absolutely no weight whatsoever, but whatever. If you do decide to participate, be sure to stop by Boogiemum's place and add your name to the linky thing.

I'm off now, to write my first gratitude post. Gluten for punishment, that's me!


Kyla said...

I'm doing the regular old NaBloPoMo, because I, too, am somewhat crazy.

Lori said...

I love it! I'm in!! Is it okay if I use the little graphic on my blog as well?

Today should be easy... I'm thankful Halloween is over!! :)

karen said...

Good luck! I've got my virtual Smith&Wesson here, in case you decide to call out the guns later in the month...but for now, I'll enjoy your self-indulgence!

Chaotic Joy said...

Yay Lori! I'm so excited. Yep, steal the graphic. It came from Boogiemum as well.

Lynn Stallworth said...

I would love to do it, but I think a week would go by and I'd remember that I *forgot* to write something-lol!

Wendy said...

I love this idea but I spend way too much time on the computer as it is. I might try to make every post this month about something I'm thankful for, but I doubt I'll post every day. We'll see...

Lynn Stallworth said...

Okay, I'm in. I hope I remember everyday.