Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gratitude - Day 8

Today I am thankful for those adjustable waist elastic tab button things that they put inside pants. I am glad that you can now find them everywhere. Without this development my food challenged son would always be wearing pants 2 sizes too short. Or experience repeat performances of the time his pants fell to his ankles in the church parking lot.

(Oh dear drawstring, how I miss thee)

So thanks to all the brands that have come forward to give aide to the cause of skinny kids. Sewing impaired mamas everywhere are in your debt.


Laura said...

Oh how grateful I am for those too! My 4-year-old Parker is utterly dependent upon them, and I'm anxiously awaiting the day they start to put them in baby-sized clothes. The narrowest bottom in our family belongs to my 2-year-old Reagan. 6-12 month clothes still fall off of her tiny hips! Not quite sure what I'm going to do when she's potty trained. Belts maybe?

Lynn Stallworth said...

Even though mine are supposedly in the 50-75th percentile, they have incredibly skinny waists. As you know, they are extremely picky eaters as well-that combined with their special diet has made them skinnier. I won't buy pants without those tabs anymore. They are the best invention ever!

Kyla said...

Amen to that! Even BubTar needs them, I can't believe my fat little baby boy is in slims WITH the elastic tightened all the way.

maggie's mind said...

Hehehe, yep, all kinds of little things for which to be grateful.