Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gratitude - Day 15

It was a long and busy day today. I took Allie out shopping for warmer clothes. Shopping with an adolescent daughter is always a tightrope walk. Sometimes we have a wonderful time. Sometimes there are short fuses and tears. Today fell somewhere in the middle. We did - after many hours - finally find some things we were both happy with. The day ended well. She was happy and grateful which left me the same.

And when I walked in the door to my home, after just a few hours away, I was met with two fans squealing my name and clamoring to touch me. It is such an exquisite thing, the uninhibited, unconditional love of little ones. And I am so thankful today for this undue gift. Even more so for knowing how soon it will slip away, like water through my fingers.


Beck said...

That's beautiful, joy! And your time with Allie today probably meant more to her than you can know.

Kyla said...

Man, I have that same range of reactions when I go shopping for myself! LOL. Shopping is traumatic or blissful on any given day.

I do love the "Mommy! Mommy! I missed you!" when I get back from somewhere. Even if I just stepped into the garage for a minute or two, it is a party when I return.

Lynn Stallworth said...

Oh, I love that, too. Blake runs to me and Brett tells me "eeeyyyy." I eat up that unconditional love!