Monday, November 24, 2008

At last it's here...The Giveaway!

Do you know what this is?

Okay, if you look closely, you will see it is bad picture of my bed, unmade and waiting for me at this unseemly hour of 12:38 AM, but let's not dwell...

I'm talking about those gorgeous brightly colored things, do you know what they are?

They are the personalized superhero capes Ben and Clara are getting for Christmas! Couldn't you just die from the cuteness? When I decided I wanted to give away one of my favorite things again I thought it might be nice to share one of my favorite ideas for a Christmas gift. But then I remembered that I am horrible at picking out Christmas gifts and probably shouldn't be advising anyone.

Well, wouldn't ya know it, but these beauties showed up in the mail a day or two later. I ordered them from the Superflykidz shop on Etsy. Surely you know about Etsy? The great black hole of handmade awesomeness?

Oh and by the way, I also ordered two for my nieces' Christmas gifts. Because girls are super too.

And I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Because here's the kicker. They are only 15 bucks a piece including personalization. $15!!! You pick the cape color, the design, the design color, the letter and sparkles vs no sparkles. (I vote for sparkles) That is crazy people!

And look what a good job she did:

I was so tickled with how well they turned out and all the cool aunt points I was going to get that my giveaway seemed a no brainer. So I contacted Superflykidz and amazingly she responded with a really kind offer to donate one. Which makes her not only the creator of one of the best cheap kid gifts around but also in the running for my new best friend.

So, if you want to be entered in the giveaway to win a personalized cape for one of the super kids in your life, then I want you to do one small thing for me. Please leave a comment on this post letting me know one thing that you think would make a good inexpensive Christmas gift for you or someone else on your list. Because as I mentioned before I am gifting challenged and I could use the help.

Note: Superflykidz doesn't have a ton of examples on display at the Etsy shop right now because she has been innundated with Christmas orders and everything has sold. However, you can do a custom order at anytime. This giveaway will end at midnight on Thursday (Thanksgiving) night so that the winner may be able to get their cape in time for Christmas. You do not have to have a blog to enter but please make sure your contact information is in the comment.


painted maypole said...

i was given a "book thong" bookmark that i LOVED, and have since made them and given them to lots of my reader friends and family, who all seem to love them as well. I've seen them in bookstores for 5-6 bucks, or you can make your own.

and a super cape? SUPER!

Chrissy said...

I'm a little freaked out right now because I bought the SAME gift for my nephews this year from the SAME Etsy store! Jinx!

Christine said...

i SO want one of these!! and it must be a giveaway season bc later this week i am going to do a give away, too.

and do you hate me for only commenting when you have stuff to giveaway? i am the worst bloggy friend. you know i love you, joy.


karen said...

What a great gift idea and a fantastic giveaway! Would it be totally weird if I got one for myself? My wonderful MIL makes the kids all the capes and costumes they can handle (seriously - our whole neighborhood can suit up in our dress up stuff) ...and I can totally see myself enjoying a sparkly purple one with a big M(ama) on the back.

Stacie said...

You and Chrissy do make me laugh! I have Myatt's hanging in my closet 'til I get around to wrapping it. That thing is awesome! Mark and I both tried it on first thing after I opened it. HA!

But I'll enter your give away anyways. It's always good to have a spare cape, laying around. You never know when you'll need it!

And as for my cheap and easy Christmas gift idea...ummm...probably cookies. My family and friends need a break from their diets! Right?

Chaotic Joy said...

@ Chrissy - NO WAY! Great minds obviously think alike.

@ Christine - Oh Hush. DId you read my last post where I said I was deleting 200 Google Reader posts and 87 facebook requests? I get it, I do.

@ Karen - I was going to mention this, but she also does adult capes. If you won, maybe she would just let you pay the difference in price. I kind of think all us moms should wear supermom capes around. :)

Elizabeth said...

Very, very cute. I'm a bad gift picker-outer too, so I usually wait until the last minute and end up buying something cheap right before Christmas. I need to use etsy more, but I forget to plan ahead.

Kyla said...

Wow! So cute!

This year money will be tighter than usual and I'm planning to give our siblings each a framed photograph I've taken of them with the kids over the years. The adult siblings aren't buying gifts for each other and this is something I can do here at home for no cost (minus the frames, but we're just doing the cheap, cheap acrylic frames you can get in bulk).

Kat said...

NO WAY!!!!! I want to order them right now! Or win one. ;)

Come on over to my site. I featured a product yesterday. Wickless candles. They are AWESOME. They would make great Christmas presents. :)

Heather said...

Oh,oh, my littlest daredevil would LOVE this one!

As stupid as it sounds, I'd really love a new matching set of measuring cups and spoons (even IKEA cheapies!). I'm tired of looking at a decade and a half's worth of mismatches in my cupboard and a pretty new set would give me the oomph to throw them out! Throw in a pretty seasonal dishtowel or two...or a new set of nice oven mitts, and I'm a happy camper. I'm low maintainance like that!

Merry Christmas!


The Kings 3 said...

How cute are those capes? They will love them! See you at school on Tuesday. BTW, I love your blog. I've enjoyed reading it. Maybe it will inspire me to do 30 days of gratitude. We could all use a little more gratitude in our lives.

amy said...

Oh! Me! Me! Pick me!

I'm giving my future sister in law a book from an author she loves, signed by the author, because Eagle Eye Books in Decatur has many many book signings. My OTHER future sister in law, I got a handpainted silk hankie from Etsy that is blue and says "I do"

For my daughter, a dvd of Phantom of the Opera, and a cd of the Wicked soundtrack.

And some years, I make homemade Irish cream. Mmmmmmm. And last year, I made all kinds of cookies and gave them in those Chinese takeout looking boxes.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Here's my idea for a good, inexpensive Christmas gift: gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks; candles; or perhaps a book.

My boyz would LOVE those capes - great idea!

Magpie said...

That is totally cool!

Michelle E. said...

This is awesome! Okay, cheap Christmas gift ideas include:
a. Gift cards to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Brusters
b. Home made cookies. My younger brother looks forward to the peanut butter/Hershey Kiss drops we make for him every year!
c. Christmas ornaments
d. Donation to a worthy cause: Susan G. Komen Foundation, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Hospice Atlanta, Atlanta Food Bank, Must Ministries, etc.
e. DVD's.....I always give a family DVD to my best friend and her family...they love it!
f. Books
g. My Mom ALWAYS gave my male cousins soap on a rope! So hilarious!
h. Play doh....always a delight and very can also make it yourself but it doesn't last as long as the real thing
i. Soup mix in a jar, cookie mix in a jar, spice tea in a jar

Well, I think that about covers it for me! Good luck! Those capes are too precious for words!

:-) Michelle E.

amy said...

Ooh! Ooh! I just found a recipe for truffles that involves melting chocolate, mixing it with cream cheese, and rolling it in powdered sugar or dipping it in still more chocolate. How easy is that? What a great gift!

(and by the way, I'll let you know the answer to the question "how easy is that?" tomorrow! lol)

Julie in OH said...

My kids would loooove one of those capes. Currently their capes consist of their blankies tied around their necks..LOL! (and a broom, their choice of weapon of

I'm not sure you could pull this cheap xmas gift idea off with just anybody, but this is what we are doing for the grandparents that live a few hrs away. I am having the kids draw an original picture of their choosing, and framing it. they love to draw/color. They also LOVE to see their artwork hung on the wall. The grandparents love to see the kids' latest work, so this will be fun for them, too. A nice little keepsake they can hang to remember the kids by during the months we dont see them. (and if I could keep my act together and send new pics regularly, they could switch out the pics in the frames!)