Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gratitude - Day 18 (Jello)

On the way home from school today:

Ben - Mom. I really want to know what Jello tastes like. I think it tastes good.

Me - Really? Did someone have Jello at school today?

Ben - No. It's something I've been wondering for a long time.

Me - (Ha! A long time. My kid is the cutest.) OK, well we will have to make some sometime so you can find out.

Ben - Can we make some when we get home?

Me - Ummmmm... (Do we have Jello? Have I ever actually purchased Jello? You know, since I stopped using it to make shots in college?) I'm not sure we have any Ben.

Well, we came home and on a whim I searched the back of the pantry and amazingly found one box. I think it's been there for years. I have no recollection of purchasing it. I couldn't find an expiration date, so I took that as a positive omen and we made Jello. Ben actually squealed when I poured in the boiling water and it turned from pink powder to bright red liquid. And then he burst into tears when I explained to him that it wouldn't be ready to eat until after his nap.

Thirty minutes later, he popped out of bed. "I slept! Is the Jello ready?" He did this two more times. When we finally scooped it into a bowl, he did a little happy jig, and then he sat at the table and laughed and laughed as he tried half a dozen times to get it on his spoon. And when he finally got a bite, he said. "It's wigglely Mom. It's wigglely on my spoon and it's wigglely in my mouth. And it's yummy, just like I knew it would be!"

And then my heart exploded from all the cuteness.

And so today I am thankful for the mystery box of strawberry jello in the back of my pantry. And for taking ten minutes out of another insanely busy day to say yes to my four year old. What a beautiful reminder, as I enter into this season of chaos and excess, that the magic really is in the simplest things.

Oh, and lest you thought I forgot about my giveaway, I didn't. It was just taking a little longer than I thought to get my ducks in a row what with all the Thanksgivinging going on around here. But it's official now, and I have something super cool to give. And it was actually donated to me for the giveaway, when I said I wanted to use it as one of my favorite things! Oh my goodness! I'm just like Oprah. Except, that I don't have my own TV Show or Magazine or a Kabillion dollars and I think Exhaert Tolle is full of Baloney. But other than that...The Same!

Anyhoo, I am doing a giveaway. Tomorrow. Or the next day. Or Friday at the latest. But soon, and I'm really excited. In case you couldn't tell.


Thelma said...

Isn't it such a "God thing" that He'd let you have jello in the back of the pantry? And those simple, fun, and cute moments....are worth it all. Enjoyed your blog.....and me.....I am organizationally challenged as well....LOL.....and a work in progress.......LOL.

Kyla said...

We had a jello moment yesterday, too. That's WEIRD.

BubTar came home from school starving yesterday...he ate a sandwich, 6 nuggets, and fruit snacks within 30 minutes of being home. So I went to the store last night to buy something to add to his lunch. I called him on my cell and he requested jello. I said, "Have you ever had jello?" He said, "Yeah, remember? I was three. The red kind is good." I thought it was such a strange request, but then to see your Ben requested the same thing on the same day makes it weirder, I think. LOL!

painted maypole said...

jello is a simple joy of childhood. I might have to go make some now.

ha. my word verification is "guess"

Um... I GUESS that you're giving away... chocolate?

Lori said...

Okay, that really is such an incredibly cute story. What a doll.

My favorite "jello quote" was from my oldest son (at the age of 5) who upon being served a plate of jello at a fancy dinner, while the adults were being served Caesar salad, loudly inquired, "Why do they always think kids want jello?!?" Even at 5 he preferred Caesar salad. But I think he is unusual...