Monday, May 12, 2008

All in a days work

For someone who was so eager to denounce the merits of Mother's Day, I had the best day Sunday. I slept in 'til an embarrassingly late hour. Had breakfast prepared for me by a very hot chef and managed to avoid nearly all of my normal motherly chores. In short I was able to spend time with my children with out all the annoying little things that come with actually caring for them. And it turns out they are actually quite a fun lot.

Kudos to The Man for giving me the day off. It was badly needed.

Today, however, it feels as if my epitaph will read:
Cleaned the kitchen 76,000 times. Did 345,000 loads of laundry, and spent most of the rest of her life saying "No, No, No, for goodness sake, NO!"
Because today:
  • Brandon missed the bus
  • Clara dumped an entire bottle of bubbles on the kitchen floor.
  • Ben took his Spiderman balloon outside on the back deck and lost it which caused him to cry for THIRTY MINUTES STRAIGHT
  • I found Ben & Clara behind the sofa halfway through a half pound bag of Reeses Pieces. I didn't even know we had Reeses Pieces. I've been wondering if they found the bag under the sofa.
  • I made grilled cheese which Ben declared "yucky" and Clara fed to the dog. I'm sure the Reeses Pieces didn't help.
when I was lying in bed snuggling with Ben tonight, I saw some streaks on the red paint of his wall. "What's this?" I asked, trying to scrape it off with my fingernail.

"It's my snot" he said matter of factly. "When I'm crying and I don't know what to do with it I wipe it on the wall."


All and all a pretty normal day I would say.

By the way when I was telling Brandon about this post today he said "That couldn't be your epitaph."

"Really?" I asked, encouraged at where this might be going.

"Nope" he said. "They would never put that many words on a tombstone."

Ha! I guess I should just be glad he knew what an epitaph was.


Amanda said...

Oh, this made me smile, the tired, rueful smile of someone who feels a little like she's been there.

Chrissy said...

I wonder if you could fit "scraped snot off walls with her fingernail" on the tombstone.

She's So There.... said...

...and she sighs as the one word to sum up her own life with 4 children.....exhausted. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa writes... said...

A day in the life, indeed! Been there. Done that.

Kyla said...

Life's just like that. Ben just cracks me up.

Lori said...

Are we living parallel lives? But instead of doing all of that, I am currently ignoring all of the laundry that needs to be done.

Oh, and didn't you know that all boys wipe their boogers on their bedroom wall? Brandon didn't do that? I thought it was a gender requirement.

And tell Brandon, you actually could put that many words on a headstone. I have seen headstones with entire poems engraved on them. So, ha!

Beck said...

Ah, the good ol' snot wall. It cleans up surprisingly easily. Ask me how I know!
How about "For PETE'S sake!?" for an epitaph? That's good and exasperated.

painted maypole said...

oh. the snot on the wall thing made me laugh out loud. and poor little ben. I guess you'll need to put a box of tissue by his bed.

Anonymous said...

He wipes it on the wall?!

Jennifer H said...

Exhausting. So exhausting.

I'm surprised Benjamin Moore doesn't advertise that feature..."Our paint holds up to WHATEVER your kids wipe on it."

the dragonfly said...

Some days are like that...

I love that he told you that's too long to put on a tombstone! :)