Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Four years ago tomorrow my two boys looked like this.

And today I told one he could get a summer job to pay for insurance for his car.


And when I wake up tomorrow the other will be four.


And I know I said I was okay with it.

I lied.

Warning: You may want to avoid Joy in Chaos for the rest of this week. I feel myself sinking into a genuine "Oh my heart, my heart, my babies are getting soooooo big!" mama fit.

So go. Save yourselves.


Chrissy said...

I'm okay with babies turning four, but I can NOT imagine being okay with the one driving the car. I don't know which is scarier, the kid behind the wheel or the cost of insurance to cover it.

Lori said...

Four years doesn't sound like that long until you look at that picture and then where they are today. WOW!!

I understand your mama fit. I'm not scared of it... Go ahead, sob, rant, laugh, dream, reflect... I'll listen.

the dragonfly said...

Oh, time goes so fast! I can't believe how fast my son is growing and changing...and he's not even a year old yet!

But you'll be okay...really! And you can rant all you want, we'll listen. :)

Laurel Wreath said...

I will join you then, my oldest is entering high school. I am struggling with the fact I am a 37 yr old with a high schooler. =) Aren't you suppose to be old when you have a high schooler?

Kyla said...

They are so oooooold now.

I'd be freaked about the driving/job/car thing, though!

Lisa writes... said...

I'm not running; I'm staying because I am so RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!

spaz said...

I understand. Sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my girl in her sassy jeans so tall and thin, I realize (again and again) that she is getting older too fast. I don't know why it's so hard for us moms to watch our babies grow up. Sometimes I just want time to stand still (or rewind).

The only advice I can offer is try not to focus on what you are leaving, but what you are heading for. Look forward to each moment you will get to spend with them. Treasure them. You are awesome at creating moments to remember. Continue to purposely compose moments that will live on in your memory. You are a great mom and you are living a dream. Don't be regretful. Be joyful! :)

painted maypole said...