Friday, May 16, 2008

Written under the influence

This morning I was in the shower and realized I couldn't squeeze the shampoo out of the bottle into my hand because the pain in my joints was so severe. I may have panicked. A little. Shortly thereafter I was on the phone with my doctor and on my way to the emergency room. For the last 9 hours I have been poked, prodded, questioned and have provided many a bodily fluid for inspection. Fun stuff.

The answer: They have no idea what's wrong with me.

A virus? Lupus? Stressed-out-mama-of-four-syndrome? Obviously we are hoping for a virus. A really strange, painful virus. We have to wait for some test results to return. And even then it may be a matter of seeing if my symptoms abate or reoccur if/when they do.

In the meantime I am on 5 (yes, five!) prescriptions for pain, swelling, stiffness and the fact that I am apparently severely anemic. The doctor at the hospital even mentioned a possible blood transfusion if it didn't improve and my own doctor has prescribed a weekly iron transfusion. I think my response may have been something like "But will that stop the pain?"

"No. Unrelated most likely."


Anyway, thank you so much for all your prayers. I feel surprisingly relaxed about the situation, and while that is partly due to a generous dose of Lortab, I believe strongly that your prayers and concern brought me peace and encouragement. I count you all in my blessings.

And look! I'm typing.

I count Lortab in my blessings too. :)


slouching mom said...

oh, no, joy. please take care of yourself, ok? i will be keeping you in my thoughts.


painted maypole said...

thanks for the update. i'll keep you in my prayers, and you keep us updated, OK?

Michelle E. said...

Joy, I'm so sorry! We are keeping you in our prayers!

Laurel Wreath said...

Oh sweet friend, goodness what have you gotten yourself into =) Five drugs, huh? Do they make parenting any better. Just kidding.

I sure hope they help and it goes away. I would hate for the Doctors to come out and say "blogging causes this."

the dragonfly said...

FIVE prescriptions??! And you're still able to type? ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon. You're in my prayers!

Lisa writes... said...


karen said...

If it turns out to be Lupus (and I'm praying that it won't!), call me. I hope you feel better soon!