Thursday, May 22, 2008

Moan-off, Day 3 & BLOGIVERSARY

Today was a much better day. After nine hours of sleep last night I woke up feeling slightly better and decided I needed to try to get the myself and The Weekids out of the house. So we decided to meet my dear sister-in-law and nieces for storytime. The storytime was kind of a bust but my sister-in-law was a doll and watched Ben while Clara and I wandered around the bookstore and went for coffee. To be honest I kept forgetting I was supposed to be complaint free and then would have to stop and review the last several hours to see how I did. Not perfect, of course, but overall not too badly. I am fairly certain I did moan to my sister-in-law about health related things once or twice. Ah well.

Actually, I think it's a good thing, this constant stopping to do a status check on my attitude. Am I wallowing? Am I whining? Am I grateful? It keeps me from falling into a hole of negative thinking. Something I am guilty of regularly. I wish there was some way to keep the momentum going on past this week.

And speaking of positive things, I just realized that today is my one year blogging anniversary. And I thought some sort of celebration should be in order. So, I decided to do what I do best and steal an idea. Actually, the same idea I stole from Ginger this time last year, which is a list of things that have made me happy today. So here goes:
  • Nine hours of sleep! (How could I not include that?)
  • A cat trying to attack my fingers while I type this.
  • These outside my front door.
  • (When I looked back at my list from last year, I realized I used my Hydrangeas there too. But what can I say, I guess in May, Hydrangeas make me happy.)
  • I went to Barnes & Noble today. Really, need I say more?
  • My son and his friend (he would so die to see this on the blog) went to pick up dates and are bringing them back to the house to watch a movie. My son. Picking up a date. His first one officially. This should make me nervous I guess, but since he is bringing her here it just makes me kind of happy to be in the loop. OK, and a little bit nervous.
  • We had chicken for dinner tonight. Clara loves chicken and says it "SHEEKIN" and I think it may possibly be the most adorable thing in the universe.
  • New Bubble Bath from Sephora
  • Ben has been playing "Zingo" all day today. After the first 5 games he's been playing alone. Periodically I hear him yell out excitedly, "I won!" It's cracking me up.
  • A three day weekend ahead of me.
  • A New Book
  • Red Toenail Polish
  • Snuggling with The Man during the season premier of "So you think you can dance"
  • DVDs that come in the mail.
  • Clara sitting her Carebear next to her on the couch at the doctor's office and saying "DIT DOWN!"
  • Allison's excitement at her two new books.
  • Birds that left their nest in my garage yesterday. (This makes me happy for many reasons, one of which is no more bird poop on my van)
  • These faces hounding me for attention while I typed this:
  • One of my bloggy friend sending me this link. Basically she has diagnosed me with adult Fifth Disease and it all fits. Even the anemia. I am so relieved at her diagnosis I could do a dance. Who cares that she's not a doctor?
So now I am just asking y'all (and yes, I do actually say "y'all") to do me a favor. For my Blogiversary present ('cause I know you were wondering what to get me) I just want everyone to leave a comment of one thing that made you happy this week. Just one thing. Or two. Or five. But at least one. Even if you don't usually comment. Because nothing would make me happier. Well besides a maid. Oh, and maybe a cook. Oh whatever. Just play along. Please.

And, while I'm feeling all bossy, one more thing...go hug your kids. You watch the news. You know why. Just do it.


Lori said...

This week, Big J went and visited the New School for a whole day and he actually LIKED IT! He even admitted he liked it and kept telling us stories about it all evening long. HE LIKED IT!!! I couldn't be happier about that one.

Sister K said...

awesome! keep up the great work! also, if you're interested, to keep myself in check, i have the "foundation for a better life" quote of the day e-mailed to me daily :)

karen said...

Things that made me happy this week: Kitten! Husband! Ten nice-looking fingernails at once! Children actually made the bus on time without having to sprint! Kitten!

On your command, I will hug my kids...just not right now as it's 2:37am and I might wake them - they'd be grumpy enough to wipe some of the goodness right out of the week. What am I doing up at 2:37am?!? Whatever it is, it is SO not on my list of things I'm thankful for.

Marit said...

Sitting in a courtyard in an old dutch city, eating tapas in the sunshine while catching up with a friend.

Epiphany Alone said...

Things that made me happy this week:

- Laps in the pool in the first time in 20 years. Made me feel like a kid. Oh, and sore. The good kind of sore.

- Bike ride at 6 am this morning, even though it was short (cold, coughing, a bit dehydrated), I got out there. Also felt kid-like.

- A visit from a friend of mine from middle school yesterday evening for dinner and wine.

- Four day weekend!

- Lindsay's birthday. Oh my gosh, so cute wishing everyone a Happy Birthday back as though it was the greeting of the day on Wednesday.

- Lauren at soccer clinic last night. She's so serious about it. The first to do drills, cheering loudly for the other kids. Very cool stuff.

Wendy said...

I finished piecing Natalie's quilt! Now all I have left is to actually do the quilting part. We have had some gorgeous weather; that makes me happy, too.

Wendy said...

You inspired me to do my own list...

Stacie said...

A toilet that is no longer refilling the tank every 30 minutes

Showers that actually turn off without killing your hand from the amount of force it takes to stop the flow of water.

(can you tell we've had a visit from the plumber? :-D )

Walks around the neighborhood with my family.

Getting to see my sister and some of her kids at the zoo tomorrow!

Kyla said...

KayTar drank 2 Pediasures yesterday and this makes me a happy Mommy.

We had her ARD yesterday and I am entirely pleased with her placement.

BubTar asked this week if he can stay up in his bed after being tucked in for some quiet reading time. I happily obliged and am thrilled that he wants quiet reading time!

KayTar got in to TWO summer camps for special needs kiddos and got a full scholarship to one!

Cheryl Ann said...

I've been reading your site for a while--happened upon it one day via worst mama, and thought the pictures of your kids were adorable! Thought I'd leave a comment on your blogiversary. Congrats on a year! Hydrangeas in May make me happy too ;)

Kandy said...

I honestly have to say, reading your blogs make me happy. I can relate to so much stuff, it is so helpful to know that I am not the only mom who feels so many things!
(Also, wanted to say hey from someone from your past). You are doing an incredible job with these blogs!
Another thing that makes me happy is the lilac tree outside my dining room window.
The "I love you mom" that is said out-of-the blue from my 4 yr. old son. He has become "to cool" to kiss me goodbye in front of his friends. I think he is taking after his 7 yr. old brother.

Anonymous said...

"Even if you don't usually comment."

Okay, you got me! I've got your blog in my feedreader since about a year and usually I do not comment since... I am just a girl in my twenties and don't yet have kids and so I always ask myself what I should be telling you in commenting.
But I love the blog somehow and your Clara always makes me smile

Happy blogiversary! And following your wish:

It made me happy that my Dad gave me a card with yellow roses for my birthday, since it made me think of my Mom and it felt as if she was there for a moment.

It made me happy when my Dad's new wifes daughter signed and email with "your little sister", since this made me believe we are finally growing to be a real family.

It makes me happy to wear my new, fancy red shoes. I have never cared about shoes until lately and now I can't get enough of them

Thanks for blogging - I enjoy reading!

slouching mom said...

Happy blog birthday! Remember the strange start you and I had? That seems SO long ago...

I love coming here. You take such obvious joy (Joy!) in your children.

RAY AND TINA said...


Karen said...

a few sunny days.

Spice Girl said...

Considering I provided the impetus for this, I must say that YOUR BLOG makes me happy! :)

And a good hairdresser...and a husband who tells me he likes the highlights and I should get them again even when he knows how much they cost.

And a WTHS trip looming up.

And bleeding hearts (the plant, not the real thing)

I'll stop here. I think I need to revive this topic on my own blog.

Lynn Stallworth said...

I loved seeing the HUGE smile on Brett's face while bouncing on his new mini-trampoline. He was overcome with glee!

I enjoyed some time out in the yard planting some new plants that will hopefully add much color to our yard this year and for years to come. Even planted a couple of those hydrangeas you so beautifully photographed. They do just make you happy. Can't wait to have them in some vases around the house next year.

Having the boys' ST tell me they are making good progress always makes my week!

And, of course, today being the twins 2nd b-day makes me very happy!

Haley-O said...

Awww, cat trying to attack your fingers as you type! My cat's attacking my face with kisses as I attempt to read your post and write this comment! Happy Blogiversary!

painted maypole said...

-making my goal of losing 4 pounds in two weeks

-my husband is back from his conference in California

-MQ finished kindergarten

-my house. i love my house. it's messy, but I love it.

- finally finishing the scrapbook of our England vacation (Aug 07)

-my daughter frequently tells me she loves me, and thanks me for things. unbidden.

Amy said...

matt taking rachel out for a daddy daughter date night, then buying her organic milk just because she has "concerns" about the regular milk.

christian at 18, talking to me- whether it's bad girl trouble stuff or good "i got over 100 in world history!" stuff, just the fact that he chooses to share makes me happy.

lily's new thing is to do something silly and then when we say "you're funny" she leans back and gives us an open mouthed scrunchy faced grin. i love her so much it ought to be illegal. =)

Sarah said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I went to a fundraiser for an art therapy program for high risk, inner city kids. Some of their art was auctioned off for as much as $5000 a piece. The looks of pride and excitement on their faces brought tears to my eyes and made me so incredibly happy.

Christine said...

you, my friend.

you. :-)

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Massachusetts spring weather, hold the allergies, makes me immensely happy.